Ishra-you are my life epi 3


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Next morning
Toshi:ruhi pihu come fast you will be late
Ruhi:coming Dadi
Mr bhalla:ruhi puttar pihu puttar take care ok and call us daily
Pihu:offo dadu first let us go
Mrs iyer:ok ok listen take care of your health ok and ruhi beta take acre of pihu ok
Ruhi:ok paati
Pihu:chalo do we are getting late
Raman comes there
Raman:ruhi pihu you both are going and you didn’t met me also
Ruhi pihu:why should we meet you
Mr iyers:children you should not talk to him like
this he is father

Adi:pls nanu don’t take his side he is not our father he is our ishima’s murderer
Shagun:what is this adi say sorry to Raman
Adi reluctantly said sorry
Raman:its ok beta
Adi:common my sweethearts we are getting late
Saying this the trio left for airport
Ruhi and pihu bid bye to adi and went to the airport
After sometime they boarded the plane
Scene shifts to Australia airport
Ishu:mani take care of your self and vivaan ok and don’t take muck stress of work
Vivaan:don’t worry mom I’ll take care of dad
Mani:achaji now you will take care of me
Note:(in my ff vivaan is 15 yrs old)
Ishu:ok you both take care of each other
Mani:yes Ishu we will take care and you also take care of yourself and alia ok bye
Alia:bye appa bye vivaan
They bid bye to each other
After sometime mani and vivaan boarded the plane

At evening
Pihu and ruhi reach Australia a driver comes to pick them up he drops them to the xyz hotel
This hotel is opposite to ishita’s hospital
Ruhi and pihu check in the hotel
They directly slept as they were very tired
Scene shifts to Delhi airport
Mani and vivaan come out of the airport a driver from their office and they go to their house
(Mani has his own house in Delhi)
Vivaan:dad you have a meeting tomorrow no so what will I do over here alone
Mani:umm you do one thing before going to meeting I’ll drop you to a mall you enjoy there in the game center and when the meeting will be over I’ll pick you up
Vivaan:wow dad this is a good idea
They both slept

Precap:ishrupi meeting

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Credit to: Sumi

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