Ishra-you are my life epi 2


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Let’s begin
Everyone wishes ruhi happy birthday
Ruhi becomes very happy
Ruhi:thank you so much everyone
Then she goes towards the in house temple
And prays every one come there
Raman also caomes there
Seeing them piruadi smile fades away
Ruhi:Dadi what this man is doing here
Toshi:ruhi puttar he has come for the pooja that we keep everyear on your birthday
Ruhi:he has no rights to come in this looks pls tell him to go otherwise I’ll go from here
Raman:it’s ok ruhi I’ll go
Toshi:ruhi outtar it’s pooja let him stay pls
Ruhi:ok Dadi only because you are saying
Then the pooja starts and after sometime it ends
After the pooja ruhi goes towards a photo hung on the wall
The photo is of Ishu with garland on it
Ruhi crys seeing it
Ruhi:it’s my birthday ishima but you are not there to wish me
Pihu:ruhi do don’t cry mumma won’t like it na
Ruhi bents down and wipes her tears
Ruhi:yes ruhi ishima won’t like it so I’ll not cry happy
Pihu:super happy
Saying this they both hug
Adi:you both forgot me
Piru:oh Bhai how can we forget you come
And the trio hugged
All the family members were teary eyed seeing their bonding
Then ruhi toches Ishu photo and takes her blessing and then takes everyone blessing except Raman
Raman was sad but didn’t show it
Raman:ma I’m going office
Toshi:ok puttar but come early in the evening it’s ruhi birthday party
Before Raman could say anything ruhi said
Ruhi:no need Dadi he’s busy don’t force him and I also don’t wnt him in the party
Raman was hurt but didn’t said anything
Raman:yes ma ruhi is right I have an important meeting with a foreign company tomorrow so I have to prepare for the deal
Raman went to the office with romi and mihir and mamiji went to clinic
Adi:ruhi I have special gift for you
Ruhi:wow Bhai what’s it
Adi:have patience my dear sister
Ruhi:pihu you know what is the gift
Pihu:ofcouse I know but I won’t tell you
Ruhi:ok so how much time I have to wait
Adi:half an hour
Adi:ruhi pihu come on let’s go
Dadi we are going bye
Toshi:but where
Adi:for getting ruhi surprise
Toshi:ok go but come fast
Pihu:bye Dadi
Toshi:bye pihu
Then the siblings go in the car adi is driving the car ruhi is sitting next to him and pihu is sitting at the back
They reach a mall
Ruhi:what this is the surprise mall
Adi:offo ruhi Abbey some patience
Pihu:yes ruhi di you will soon get to know your surprise
They enter the mall
Scene changes to Australia
Ishu:mani i was thinking that I’ll come to Delhi after some days you all go
Ishu:I have some hospital work that’s why
Mani:ok as you wish
Alia:but Amma i will stay with you here that’s final
Ishu:ok my mother
Vivaan:I’ll go with dad
Mani:so it’s final I And vivaan will go to Delhi tomorrow and Ishu and alia will come after some days ok
Scene changes to mall
Adi:this is your surprise ruhi
He gives ruhi an envelope
Ruhi opens the envelope and is shocked and happy
Ruhi:wow Bhai a trip to Australia it’s fantastic I loved it
Adi:that good taut you lived it you and pihu will go tomorrow to Australia
Ruhi:you will not come
Adi:no ruhi I’m busy with my studies
Ruhi:it’s ok
In the evening bhall house
Is decorated very beautifully
Ruhi birthday party was grand everyone was there in the party except Raman
The party finished and ruhi asked
Ruhi:Dadi can I go to Australia with pihu
Toshi:yes ys why not and adi puttar has already told us and convinced us you acn go
Ruhi:thank you Dadi
All the family members go to sleep
Ruhi and pihu pack their bags for tomorrow
And then they go to sleep
Raman comes home late
He went to his room and change his clothes
Then he went to ruhi and pihu room
Raman:happy birthday ruhi my baby
He kissed her forehead
Raman was crying
Raman:all my children hate me and I’m only responsible for this
That’s it for today
Precap:ruhi and pihu go to Australia
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Credit to: Sumi

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