Ishra-you are my life epi 1

Thankyiu so much guys for your lovely comments
And sorry for late update I was little busy

So lets begin
A beautiful house is shown
Ishita:mani alia vivaan come fast we will be late
Alia:offo Amma why are you shouting we are not late in fact we are half an hour early
Vivaan:yes Amma
Mani:alia why you are asking you know that today is ruhi’s birthday and every year ishita goes to orphanage and donates things
Ishita is sad because today ruhi is not with them and she thinks that only she is the reason for this
Ishita:ok now let’s go
Mani:come actually Ishu I want to tell you something
Ishu:tell no
Mani:Ishu qo actually we have to go to Delhi tomorrow
Ishu:what why
Mani:we have signed a deal with pm industrial in Delhi so we have to go to Delhi pls
Ishu:ok fine but we will return as soon as possible
Alia:why Amma don’t you want to meet your son adi and daughter
Ishu:I can’t I am dead for them
Vivaan:but Amma

Mani cuts him of in between because he doesn’t want Ishu to be hurt
Mani:now we are really getting late come fast
And they leave

Scene shifts to another beautiful house
Raman is in his room crying seeing a photo of his and ishita
Raman:I’m sorry ishita because me you are not with us today and because of my fault my children also hate me
He crystals for sometime and he stops crying when he hears a knoch on his door
He opens the door and sees Toshi standing there
Toshi:won’t you wish ruhi
Raman:what the use ma she hates me and if I wish her her mood will get spoiled so let it be I don’t want to upset her
Toshi:as you wish puttar
She leaves

Scene changes to a beautiful room
One beautiful girl is sleeping on the bed
A boy and a girl enter the room and
Boy and girl:happy birthday ruhi happy birthday ruhi di
Ruhi gets up

Ruhi:thanks adi Bhai thanks pihu
Then the siblings hug ech other
Then the trio come to the hall
And are surprised to see the scene there
The hall was decorated beautifully
The bhallas iyers shagun manoj mihir sarika and everyone wish her happy birthday
So guys that’s it for rosy pls comment if you want me to continue

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    Gr8 epi continue

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