IshRa: Kheenchay Mujhe koi dorr teri ore (promo)

Mihir comes at Mihika’s house with his mother. She gets happy seeing him and takes him to her room.

Mk: Mihuuuu, I am so so happy that you came

She said and hugged him. He hugged her back.

Mr: I m also happy but not so much as I have a desire to view your beautiful face, I want to make a sketch of you, there’s a competition actually, the one who wins gets 2 lacs, in that much money I will get back my eyes.

Mk: really? Happy for you but..

Mr: but what Mihika?

Mk: how will you make a sketch?

. . . . . .

I: if it is so then don’t you think I should also take part?

M: of course, why not? But how will you..?

I: I can and I will.

. . . . . . .

I: Raman I want to make a sketch of you, I will get back my eyes if I take part in this.

R: yeah sure, why not? I will help you.

. . . . . . . .

‘And the prize goes to….’

To be continued

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