Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 7)


Hi everyone
Ishita goes to shaguns home with ruhi
Shagun gives ruhaan to ishu ishu holds ruhaan n kisses him ruhi sees this n smiles
Ishu : thanks shagun u made me mom two times first u give me my ruhi n then my ruhaan
Shagun : no no this is what u deserve
Ishus phone ring
Ishu : ghar se call a rii hai they all r waiting for ruhaan
Shagun : u should go
Ishu looks at ruhi n stops n made sad face
Shagun : ishita
Ishita hugs ruhi n kiss her n says take care I will miss u
Ruhi : I will also miss u
Ishu takes two steps
Ruhi to herself ishimaa ishimas I don’t want to go ishimaa n get teary eyes
Ishu stops n sees back
Ruhi immediately wipes her tears n look towards shagun n smile
Ishu turns n goes

Shagun : so your ishimaa gone
Ruhi runs
Ruhi : ishimaaa
Ishu looks back ruhi hugs her n cry
Ishu : ruhi ruhi kya howa
Ruhi : I vill miss u
Ishu : then go with me na
Ruhi : but shagun mumma will feel alone
Ishu : mere ruhi ko sab ka khayal hai
Shagun reached there
Ruhi : bye
Ishu : bye my baby
Ishu walks n after few steps look back
Ruhi was looking towards her ishu goes
Shagun : what was that haan
Ruhi : don’t worry I will not go u will not lose I can do any thing for my ishimaas happiness
In bhalla house
Mrs bhalla does ruhaan arti
Ishu looks worried
Mrs bhalla : when will Raman come
Ishu : may be today or tomorrow
Ishu goes to her room n walks in the room impatiently
Mrs bhalla came there
Call her

Ishu : whom
Shagun : I know u r worried n want to talk to her she calls shagun
Phone was switch off
Ishu goes to shagun house n couldn’t found anyone
She found a letter
” ishimaa I am sorry I wanted to have your own baby now u have ruhaan n also adi bahiya now shagun mumma is alone I want to live with her u have ruhaan but shagun mumma has nothing I learnt from u how to live for others I also want to live with her I am going with shagun plz don’t try to find me one day I will come to u ”
Ishitas tear fall on the she break down
Fb end

Precap : ishita amma appa ruhi ruhi is in Delhi

Guys it is yet to reveal why ishu n Raman don’t talk to each other don’t forget to comment

Credit to: Mimi

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  1. Pls stop t serial. This sectn very bad i dnt like.

  2. Rogi sagava ivlo NAL pathom. Elloraum muttal akitinga director. Stop t serial. Ishu love wast…

  3. niceeee……………

  4. Wwwwooowwwww awesome super fantastic marvelous enjoyable episode………….
    Mimi please don’t stop this ff for any reason……..k……….specially…..if someone says u to stop it even………don’t stop it……
    Becuz lots of fans like it (including me)

    1. Ude I don’t care about bad comments dear n most of I couldn’t understand her language thanku thank so much for your support ude

  5. This is really good yaar…I think magi lax saying abt our real yhm and scolding director….She s saying in Tamil,U don’t worry.Really its superb,eagerly waiting for next one,

  6. Thanks guys

  7. Siddhi why still u haven’t update the 8 episode?
    Missing it badly

    1. Sorry use I will soon update it dear actually I was lil busy with new one I will soon update it

  8. Sorry ude

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