Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 6)

Guys sorry for delay u was really very busy
So guys flashback continues
Raman : ishita I have some work I have to go to mumbai immediately
Ishu : now
Ishu : raman what is this yrr
Raman : yrr sorry I have to go plz understand
Ishu : ok but when bill u return
Raman : with in two three days
Ishu : ok
Its night
Ruhi came to ishu room

Ruhi : ishimaa can I can with u today
Ishu : oo mere ruhi muj se poch rii hai k me apni ishimaa k sath so sakti hon of course this is your room n ishimaa is your
Ruhi smiles
Ruhi n ishu sleeps hugging each other
Shaguns pulls ruhi towards her ruhi cries ishimaa I don’t want to ishimaa shagun says ruhi u r my daughter ishu says please leave her shagun pulls ruhi towards her ruhi shouts ishimaaaaaa ishu shouts ruhiii n wakes up she sees here n there she didn’t find ruhi anywhere she shouts ruhi ruhi ruhi suddenly ruhi comes ishita holds her n hugs her n cries
Ruhi got shicked
Ruhi : ishimaa what happened ishimaa
Ishu : I saw a dream
Where u were going away from me ruhi got shock then she says ishimaa don’t worry its just a dream ishu says yes ruhi made ishu ly on bed she hugs ishu sleeps ruhi to herself ishimaa can’t live with out me I can’t leave her
Its morning everyone doing breakfast

Mrs bhalla : when vill ruhaan come v r waiting for him
Ruhi stops eating
Ishu : don’t worry mumi ji he vill come tomorrow
Ruhi goes to her room
She sits on bed n cries what should I do
I don’t know n cries can ishimaa live without me she need me or baby more ???
In other room
Amma n ishu talks

Ishu : today I am the mother of three children
My adi my ruhaan n my ruhi
Ishu : u know amma I never expected this its all coz of ruhi firstly she made me mom she loved me soo much u know after getting ruhi when anyone calls me baanj I don’t care coz I was ruhis mom she always supported me then I got adi n then then coz ruhi insisted me I got ruhaan
Ruhi came to the door of room n sees amma n ishu talking n stops
U know amma I have blood relation with ruhaan now after getting ruhaan officially I am mom n know one will call me baanj finally that name ends from my life
Ruhi goes

Though I have blood relation with ruhaan but I love ruhi the most n it will not gone change my first child is ruhi then adi n then ruhaan
Ruhi sees her n ishita pic n recalls ishus saying n says ok I will go to shagun mumma I know ishimaa love me but ruhaan ….. No I will not allow any one to say my ishimaa baanj
N wipes her teats
She calls shagun n says I vill come to u
Ruhi goes to ishu n says iiiisshiimaa

Ishu : kya howa baccha
Ruhi : she press her hand wooo ishimaa I was thinking after giving baby shagun mumma vill feel alone na
Ishu : hmm correct
Ruhi : so ishima I was thinking that I should go to her for some days
Ishu stops
Ishu : but ruhi… I vill miss u
Ruhi was about to cry but stops herself
Ruhi : its only for few days
Ishu : ok n hugs ruhi
Its night
Ruhi was sleeping on ishus lap ishu sees her n kisses her
Mrs bhalla came to room
Mrs bhalla : ishu puttar if u don’t want ruhi to go forbade her
Ishu : how can I forbade her na
Mrs bhalla : u r her mum

Ishu : I know but I can’t forbade her u know I know shagun is gud now but I don’t know why I feel so insecure when it comes to ruhi
Mrs bhalla : coz u love her a lot

Precap : mrs bhalla does aarti of ruhaan ishu looks worried

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Credit to: Mimi


  1. ude

    Mimi u posted ur 5th epi on 29th march and today its 1st of april where were u dr? I was searching fr ur ff since 2 days! And today finally u posted it. Im sooooo happy about that. And todays epi makes me feel little sad! Please unit ishru soon……..

    • Siddhi

      Ude dr actually I was really very busy that why I couldn’t post it early n don’t worry ishraru will unite soon

      • ude

        Oh siddhi ur writing this ff? Wow I seriously didn’t know it. But today I’m happy becuz I got to know about it.

  2. Kiran

    Not interesting

    April Fools I actually love reading this story it is awesome sorry for pranking you

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