Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 5)


Ruhi is sitting in her room shravuu came
Shravu : ruhi what r u doing
Ruhi : nothing I want to meet ruhaan
Shravu : so whats the problem go nmeet ask your ishimaa after he is your brother
Ruhi : but ishimaa is not at home she went to mandir with dadi
Shravu: n where is raman uncle
Ruhi : he went to but toys for ruhaan
Shrvuu : so now
Ruhi : I have an idea why don’t v go there
Shravuu : ruhi r y mad ishu chiti forbade us to go alone anywhere
Ruhi : but shravii I am with u n u r with me then how v r alone
Shravuu : ruhi u r so smart
Ruhi : now don’t waste time let’s go
Ruhi n shravu reached near the building where where shagun live manoj see them
Manoj : ruhi n sharavan what r u doing here
Ruhi : I come here to meet ruhaan
Manoj : o come but r u both come here album album alone

Shravuu said slowly to ruhi : now tell him what u taught me at home
Ruhi to shavuu slowly : be quiet
Manoj : kids it very dangerous
Ruhi n shravuu ‘ sorry
Manoj : its OK let’s go
Manoj : kids u sit here I call shagun
Monoj goes to shaguns room she was playing with baby
Manoj : ruhi n sharvuu r waiting for u
Shagun : why ??
Manoj : what do mean by why they want to see the baby
Shagun : tell them that me n baby
Manoj : what how can I say them this
Shagun : why u can’t say them
Monoj : shagun ruhi is his sister this is raman n ishitas baby
Shagun : I have given birth to this baby OK
Manoj : shagun r u mad when will u give this baby to them .
Shagun : I will not give this baby to them
Manoj : shagun

Shagun : why I give this baby to them I kept this baby for nine months in my worm this is mine
Manoj : shagun what’s wrong with u u have promised them that u will give this baby to them
Shagun : so adi n ruhi r my kids na they r with them na
Manoj : shagun I think u r not OK now bye
Ruhi was standing beside the door she hears everything n cries when she saw manoj she hides when manoj goes she entered shaguns room
Ruhi : shagun mumma
Shagun : ruuhiiii how r uuu??
Ruhi : when will u give this baby to my ishiimaa
Shagun : I said na with in few days baby
Ruhi : I heard everything
Shagun : get shocked
Ruhi : this is not your baby he is my ishimaas baby he will live with my ishimaa babies live with their mummas n u r not his mumma my ishimaa is his mumma
Shagun gets angry
Shagun : o really babies live with their mumma then u r my daughter not ishitas why u live with ishita
Ruhi : no u r not my mumma ishimaa is my mumma
Shagun : o come on ruhi u know every thing na
Ruhi : shagun mumma u were changed na why u r doing this everyone is waiting for this baby
Shagun : ya I was changed but now I realized everything if I will give this baby to ishita then what will left for me u n adi r already with her
Ruhi : ppllzz don’t do this pllzz
Shagun : OK I have a option why don’t u come to me if u come to me I will give this baby to your ishimaa
Ruhi : me
Ruhi get shocked
Shagun : u can’t do this for your ishimaa haan think ruhi how how happy will your ishimaa be after getting this baby OK I will give u two days to think
Shravuu came to room : what r u doing ruhi I was waiting for u
Rihi wipes her tear

Shagun : oo shavuu come see the baby shrvuu sees the baby
They came back to home
Sarika sees ruhi n calls her ruhi didn’t listen to her
Sarika to herself : what has happened to her
Ruhi goes to her room
Ruhi recalls shaguns saying that she will not give the baby
Ruhi : now what will happen how will ishimaa react now everyone will again call her infertile

Then she recalls shagun saying u that if u come to me I will give this baby to your ishimaa
She sees her n ishitas pic n says if I goes to ishimaa how will I live without her without my papa without bhayia without dado dadi chacoo n all she cries
Ruhi : but how will they live without the baby specially ishimaa she recalls her n ishitaa moments when she call her ishita mumma for first time then she recalls other moments she cries no no I can’t live without my ishmaa no then she recalls balas mom saying ishita infertile
Ruhi : what should I do
She hears ishitas sound calling ruhi
She immediately wipes her tears ishita came to her room
Ishita : what is my bachaa doing
Ruhi : nothing
Ishita : sits with her
Ishita : close your eyes
Ruhi : but why
Ishita : ho close na
Ruhi closes her eyes
Ishita : make her wears a heart shape necklace
Ruhi opens her eyes
Wao ishimaa

Ishu : this is the necklace which u wanted na
Ruhi : says yes
Ishu : now open the necklace
Ruhi opens the there was here’s n ishitas pic inside ruhi smiles
Ishu : how it is
Ruhi : its owesome ishimaa
Ishu : now when u I will not with u by this locket u will felt me close to u n ya now don’t ask me if I am going anywhere I will always be with my ruu
Ruhi hugs her n says I will not live without my ishimaa to herself n cries ishu sees this n says
Ishu : what happen why r u crying
Ruhi : nothing ishimaa I think something went inside my eye

Precap : ishu sees shagun pushing ruhi towards her she cries ruhi don’t leave me ruhi also cries ishimaa but shagun was pulling ruhi towards her suddenly ishu wakes up n shouts ruhi

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Credit to: Mimi

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  1. hey guys want to correct a mistake shogun says to manoj that say to ruhi that me n baby r sleeping

  2. sorry in precap shogun pulls ruhi towards herself

  3. Oh mimi its becoming more interesting!

  4. Niceeee……i really lyk how ruhi recalls her and ishita first moment and for the very first tym when ruhi say ishita mumma 😉 ….awsm★
    Agay jakr isko or b acha karna lyk shagun positive character main ……ishita own baby …… this will be the best ff….

  5. Mimi dr where is ur next episode?
    Eagerly waiting for it.

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