Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 4)


Ishita n ruhi sees each other
Ruhi gets teary eyes ishita sees ruhis mole n says rruuhiii she takes a step towards ruhi she touches her face n says u r my rruuhhii na ruhi also tries to take a step towards ishu but suddenly shagun comes n says ruhi let’s go she didn’t see ishu coz she was putting mobile in her bag ishu n ruhi look towards shagun .shagun also looks towards them shagun get shocked
She holds ruhis hand n says ruhi ruhi let’s go ( hurriedly )
Ishu : shagun shagun shagun pllz stops pllz I beg u plz I met my daughter after four years let me plz talk to her hug her plz she cries
Ruhi gets teary eyes but she immediately wipes her tears n press her hand
Shagun : what r u saying who r u I don’t know who r u n she is my daughter
Ishita : shagun why r u saying this plz let me talk to her plz

A teacher came there what r u people doing here its a scul
Shagun : I don’t know who is she
Shagun holds ruhi hand n takes her away ruhi looks towards ishu ishu was standing still n was crying
Ishu n shagun reaches home
Shagun : o my God what this lady is upto
Ruhi goes to her room n locks the room she holds ishus pic n cries she cries a lot n says ishimaa a love u I love u
Shagun knocks the door
Ruhi immediately wipes her tears
N opens the door
Shagun : r u OK
Ruhi : yes
Shagun : if v n they r living in Delhi then v can come across each other right so u have to control yourself
Ruhi : ruhi nodes
Shagun goes
Ruhi holds ishitas pic n her tears fall on pic
Bhalla family was in hospital they all were looking tense nurse came congrats its boy
They all get glad Raman bugs ishu
Raman : Dr can v see the baby
Dr : yes
They go inside the room

Shagun was holding the baby
Ishita n raman gets teary eyes
Ishu raman sees baby other family members also see the baby n get teary eyes
ShAgun smiles n says look how cute he is
Ishu extends her hand towards baby shaguns smile dissapeared
Ishu holds the baby n everyone smiles
Shagun get tense
Ruhi n adi opens the door
Ruhi : baby comes
Ishu : yes come come see your brother
Adi n ruhi sees the baby ruhi kisses the baby
Adi : what will v call the baby
Mrs bhalla : yes what will be the name of this baby
Mrs iyyer : vankat
Mrs bhalla : ho what r u saying van….
Mrs iyyer : vankut
Mrs bhalla : no my grand son name will be rohan
Mrs iyyer n mrs bhalla argues
Ruhi : stop
Ruhi : my brother name will be ruhaan from ru ruhi n also ruhaan
They all get happy n finalize the name
Flash back ends

Ruhi : how happy v all were but
Ishu was packing shaguns bag shagun raman was standing beside ishu
Shagun : ishita I want to say something
Ishu : tell na
Shagun : can I take ruhaan for some days at my house
Raman n ishu get shock
Shagun : plz don’t talk me wrong actually baby will need mother’s milk na
Ishu : OK
Raman : but u r coming to aur house na n u can also do this at our home
Shagun : actually manoj was missing me
Ishu : OK it is for few days its OK
Raman n ishu goes outside
Raman : ishita why do u agree yrr
Ishu : raman shagun has done so much for us
Raman : but everyone is waiting for ruhaan at home
Ishu : they will under stand this

Two days later
Ruhi calls shagun

Precap : ruhi says to shagun plz give this baby to my ishimaa he is my ishimaas baby u r not his mum babies live with their mum shagun says really then u …..

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Credit to: Mimi

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  1. This story is nice some what related to upcoming track. The upcoming track of yhm should be like this. If it’s mean it would be interesting. Any way it is good episode.

  2. Wow love the ff very very very very much.

  3. Thanku guys thanks a lot for your support

  4. Great Mimi.
    But make ishita ruhi to be together very soon in ur upcoming episodes..
    Can’t see them separate..

    1. Yrr don’t worry very soon they vill reunite

  5. I read this ff daily . I just loveeeeeeeeee it

  6. It’s really nice pls continue

  7. Thanks guys

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