Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 3)

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A boy was shown he was playing football he pushes the football with his head n goals everyone sees this n praize him
A boy came to him
Boy : wao adi u rockkzzz wao yrr u r just like your friend ( like me )
Adi : ya ya completely bro raguuu
Raghuu : thank God u accepted
Adi : forget it so how r u ??? Fine now
Raguu : ( take a deep breath ) yrr how can I be fine u know na why I live in hostel my mom dad every time they can not even talk to each other properly for ten minutes
Adi : n mine they don’t even talk u know today is ruhis birthday n I can’t even wish her
Raguu : why soo bro
Adi : u know it have been four eyes v didn’t talk to each other I really miss my small ruhi
Raguu : but yrr what had happened four years later
Adi : our lives changed my ishimaa lost her smile
My family lost their beloved ruhi
N I lost my best friend
Adi phone rings
Adi : I have to go catch u later bro bye
Raguu : bye
Ishu in ruhis room open the cupboard n put her gift in it
Adi entered the room ishimaa
Ishita : adi how was your match
Adi : v won

Ishita : wao congrats so proud of u thanks
I have made dosa for u I will send it OK
Ishita was leaving
Adi : dosa will come but when u come here
Ishita : adi lets not talk about this
Adi : but why ishimaa
Ishita : u know na why I left this house
N she left

Its morning
In iyyers house
Mr iyyer : madhu made me a coffee
Mrs iyyer : ok bala do u also want coffee
Bala : no amma
Ishita came in the mean time
A girl shouts ama apa look what shavuu bhai is doing she runs around ishita
Saying chiti save me
Adi : ishimma ishimaa save me
Ishita : what happen
Adi : look there
Ruhi comes with a stick in her hand
Adi : issshhiimaa
Ruhi comes towards adi
Adi shouts : ishiimaaa
Ishita : ruhi what r u doing
Ruhi : this adi bhaiya I asked him for water he refused
Ishita : ho so u with beat him with stick haan r u chato don
They laugh

Ruhi : I am not chota don I am the princess of this house
Ishita : princess haan
Ishita n adi tickles her
Flashback ends
Vandu : ishu ishu what r u thinking
Ishu : nothing aka
Vandu : me n bala have a work can u plz drop kids school
Ishita : off course

On the other hand
Shagun : ruhi r u ready v have to go
Ruhi : where
Shagun : school for your admission
Ruhi : sccccchhhhooolll
Shagun : what happened
Ruhi : which ruhi
Shagun : what’s wrong with u ruhi your old school
Ruhi : but there …….
Shagun : what there principal knows u will easily get admission
Shagun n ruhi r in principal office
Principal : I have seen u report u r good student u can join our school
Shagun : thanks mam but I have a request u know about raman n ishita na so plz don’t let them know about them
Principal : OK its your personal problem they leave the office
On the other hand ishu leave the kids
Kids : bye
Ishu : bye
Ishu sees back seat
Ishu : this is shravuus book I think he forget here I should give him
She came out of car
Shagun : I think I left my mobile in office
Ruhi stop here I am going to take it
Ruhi sees pics on wall she walks towards the wall ishita was passing ruhi takes two steps back
She accidentally hits ishu
There was a file In ruhis hand n a book in ishitas hand book n file feels down ruhis hair were open she pics up file n book ishita was standing
Ishita : beta
Ruhi hears this sound n stops for a while than she stands up they both look towards each other carefully ruhis eyes got filled with tears ishita was still looking towards ruhi ishita looks towards ruhis mole

Ishu : ruuuuhii
Ishu takes a step towards ruhi
Ruhi was standing still
Ishu touches her face n says ruhi n cries
Ruhis eyes got filled with tears she tries to take a step towards ishu
Shagun came in the mean time n says ruhi let’s go
She was putting her mobile in purse she did not see ishu

Precap : shagun says to ishu stop what r u doing who r u ishu says plz give me 5 min pllzz I want to talk to ruhi pllzz I beg u

Guys I will reveal the reason behind ishraru seperation in coming eposides

Credit to: Mimi


  1. ude

    Wow it’s really awesome Mimi.? super!
    Ar u from India or from SL? I just feel like u ar a Sri Lankan. Bt I really don’t know.

  2. shree

    Nice episode… But I think ishita is doing injustice with her own child why she is not talking to her baby…

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