Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 2)

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Ruhi n shagun reached a flat
Shagun : ruhi that is your room set your things I am going in my room don’t disturb me
Ruhi opened the door of her room
She opens her bag
N take her family picture out ( Raman ishita adi n hers photo ) n placed it on side table n then she place her n ishitas photo on other side
Then she take out her calendar
Ruhi to herself : o today is 23 its my birthday

It is 12 small ruhi is standing near the door of her room suddenly she hears some sound she jumped upon the bed n covered herself with blanket ( her face was not covered with blanket )
All family members entered the room ishita was holding the cake they all sing happy birthday to ruu happy birthday to ruu
Ruhi wakes up n gave a nauty simle she hugs ishu Raman n everyone n get there wishes
She came out of flashback n cries
Then she holds her n ishitas pic
Ruhi : ishimaa everyone has given me gifts only u left where is your gift
Ishita : o I forgot it I am sorry ruiii
Ruhi : o really its impossible
Ishita : really I forgot it baby sorry na
Ruhi : my ishimaa can’t forget my gift she can’t I know she was planning for my birthday n gifts for 1 week
Ishita : start tickling her u know very much about ishimaa
They both laugh
Ruhi : now give it
Ishita : u have to search for your gifts yourself
Ruhi : gifts how many
Ishita : how old r u
Ruhi : 8
Ishita : so how many
Ruhi : 8 ( with wonder n joy )
Ruhi opens the cupboard
Raman came in the mean time
Ruhi : papa come come look
Raman : soo many gift u will definately spoil my daughter
Ishita : don’t worry she will not get spoil coz she is my daughter
Raman : really
She tickles ruhi ( flash back ends )

Ruhi cries she opens her bag n gets her diary out
She opens her diary n writes
I sm missing u a lot
I love u I love u a lot
But I can’t say this to your
Do u still remember me
I can never forget u coz u r in my heart
I am every one another birthday without my family my 4 th birthday without my family
On the other hand a lady was shown she was holding a pic her eyes were shown her eyes were filled with tears her face was shown she was ishita
She was holding her n ruhis pic
Ishita : happy birthday ruu baby
Happy birthday your another birthday without me i miss u i miss u a lot ppllllzz come back ishimaa is nothing without u
Mrs iyyer came to her n touches her shouldar she hugs her n n says amma I miss her amma I miss her
Mrs iyyer : ishu don’t worry one day she will come back to u
Raman came to house
Ruhaan ( raman ishita surrograte baby ) come n hugs him
Ruhaan : papa
Raman : how is my son
Ruhaan : good papa
Ishita came out of room ruhaan n raman sees him she ignores them

Precap : a boy was shown he was playing football he pushes the ball with his head

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  1. Nice episode…

    1. Thanks shree

  2. Im little bit confused. Did shagun took ruhi with her? Or did smthing else happend in ishraru life? Let us knw Why they ar separeted in this story. But anyway i love ur story. Please update it regulary.

    1. Hi ude thanks for your support I will reveal in my next episode that what had happened is in ishraru life

  3. Nice ff, but I’m also confused just like ude mentioned, please uncover the story soon about ishru seperation, good work ,keep it up.

    1. Yup I will uncover it soon about ishru seperation n I want to ask am I not writing clear or u r confused about ishru sepetation

  4. Sorry eposides

    1. Thanks reshms

  5. No no mimi u ar not writting in confusing way. I said that becuz i just cant understand why ishraru ar separate. Bt ur writting skill is best. Sry if i hurt u.

    1. Hey ude dear it didn’t hurt don’t worry I was just asking about your confusion so that I could write more clear if there is any prob in my ff u guys can frankly tell me so that I could improve my self n ya I will soon reveal the reason behind ishraru seperation n soon they will reunite

  6. I did not understand the last line . Can u pls tell me ?

    1. Ishita came out of the her room she sees raman n ruhaan playing raman n ruhaan also sees her but she ignores them

  7. Pls update the next one soon and travel all the secrets ??????

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