Ishra ka love ruhi (epi 1)


Hi guys my first ff

My story is after 4 yrs leap
Mrs bhalla is in the kitchen
A small boy came to her
Little boy: wao what a smell you r making sweets wao soon many is today a special day ?
Mrs bhalla eyes got filled with tears
Today is ruhis birthday ruhaan
Ruhaan : o today is ruu di birthday I wish I could wish her happy birthday
Mrs bhalla : don’t worry son one day she will come here I am sure
Ruhaan : but dadi how will I recognize her
Mrs bhalla : I tell u
On the other hand a girl was shown
Mrs bhalla : she will have long hair
Girl long hair were shown
Ruhaan : like ishimaa
Mrs bhalla : she will have beautiful big black eyes

Girl eyes were shown she was wearing glasses
She was wearing a bag
Mrs bhalla : she will talk like a tigress
The girl : uuu knooow na ( talks with difficultiy ) I don’t want to come here a Lady was shown she looks very stylish
Lady : ruhi how many times I have to tell u talk u confidence n u know na I have no choice other than this
Ruhi : OK shagun mumma
Shagun to her self this is the right time
Raman in his office addressing peon take these sweets n distribute them among poor
Peon : every year u distribute sweets this day
Raman : today is my daughters birthday
Peon : o wish her birthday from myself
Raman to himself : I am also waiting for the day when I could wish her birthday my self
Mrs iyyer came to bhalla house
Mrs iyyer :santosi is she OK
Mrs bhalla : I don’t have courage to see her

Precap : a lady was shown she was wearing saree her eyes were shown her eyes were filled with tears

I hope guys u will like it I know u don’t like ishrarudi seperation wait guys everything will fine pllzz guys give your reviews

Credit to: Mimi

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  1. Nice one… But little confused bcz how 8 yr ruhi in 4 yr leap grown as lady..

    1. Thanks shree r u taking about precap in precap the lady is not ruhi ruhi is 12 actually it was my first attempt next time I will try to write it more clear

  2. nice episode but there is little bit confusion

  3. nice episode but make it a bit longer and with no confusions

  4. Thanku sowmy n vaishali as I mentioned earlier it was my first attempt next time I will try to write it more clear

  5. Its Nice……..Go ahead………

    1. Thanks reshma

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