Ishra and Gohem love story part 9

Ishra and Gohem love story part 9
Hi everyone I know its short since im very busy I have to study for exams ive been studying sos this is all for today ill post long one tomorrow ill try sorry
Scene 1
Ishra sangeet
Gopi starts dancing
Bhadaai ho plays
Ruhi and Adi also dance with her
Gopi then starts dancing with ahem on Manma emotion jaage re from dilwale plays
Gopi tells Ishita and raman to get up and dance
Ruhi pulls them up
For the sake of Ruhi hey start dancing on Premika from dilwale
Gopi then dances on Prem Ratan dhan payo
Sangeet ends
Wedding day

Ishita and Raman are sitting in a mandak
Gopi is smiling that soon Ishita will be with her
They take 7 rounds then sindoor an then mangal sutar
Ishita hugs Everyone and leaves
Scene 2
Ishita and Raman suhaag raat
Ishita: raman im sorry I can accept you I did this for Ruhi and Adi and my family
Raman: me to
Ishita: can we just be friends
Raman: ok
They shake hands
Scene 3
A lady is seen walking toward the house
Her eyes are shown then her ears
Everyone sees her and Is shocked
Raman: Shagun
Ishita gets shocked to know that is Shagun
Mrs. Bhalla: you get out
Shagun: oo please
Shagun goes to Ruhi and Adi they run to Ishita and hug her
RuhiL this is our mother ishi ma
Shagun gets angry
Shagun: so mumyji you got him married

Shagun: SHUT UP
Ishita gets angry and walks towards Shagun IN A DEVI STYLE
Ishita slaps Shagun
Ishita: you have no right to yell at mumyji you get out of here ms shagun get out
ishita drags shagun out

precap: shagun thinks of a plan to ruin ishra life gopi supports ishita and says you did the right thing while ahem consoles raman

spoiler: shagun plan will bring ishita and raman closer gopi and ahem start romancing more
each day it will be a differnt jodi today it was raman and ishita tomorrow its gonna be ishra and gohem then gohem only that how this sroryline willrun

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