Ishra and Gohem love story part 8

Ishra and Gohem love story part 8
Hi everyone thanks for your support happy new year im writing this story

Scene 1
Ahem and Gopi are seen leacing to Goa for their honey moon
Raman talks to Ishita on the phone
Raman: my mom ask me to marry you
Ishita: my Amma wants me to marry you
Ishita: so have you thought
Raman and Ishita have a conversation
Raman and Ishita disconnect call
Mrs. Bhalla comes to Raman
Mrs. Bhalla: have you thought of a response
Rama: ma I Raman kumar Bhalla agree to marry Ishita
Mrs. Bhalla gets happy
Ruhi gets happy hearing it
Ruhi hugs Raman
Raman: Adi will be home soon
Adi comes and hears about Raman marriage

Scene 2
Adi: papa we will agree if we first have to approve the bride to accept them as our mom
Ruhi: yes
On the other hand
Amma gets happy
Iyer and the Bhalla meet
Amma: Ishu
Ishita comes wearing a dress
Ruhi likes her
Ruhi: im Ruhi
Ishita: I am Ishita
Ruhi; from now on your my ishi ma
Adi: im Adi ishi ma
Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi
The whole family members are happy seeing the kids bond with ruhi and Adi
Mrs. Bhalla: Ahem and Gopi will be back Tomorrow we will have engagement on new years
Amma:okay Ishita go call gopi
Ishita goes to call gopi
Ahem takes the call
Ahem: heloo
Ishita: Is Gopi there I need to talk to her
Ahem: Hold on Gopi
Gopi takes the phone
Gopi: Ishita what happened
Iishita: your big siter is getting married engagement is on Jan 1 2016
Gopi we return tomorrow
Gopi: Ahem Ishita engagement is on jan 1 2016
Ahem: who Is she getting married to
Gopi: Ishita who is the lucky person
Ishita: Raman
Gopi: what my devar and you are getting married
Ahem: really
Gopi: that’s so good
Ahem: congrats
Ahem sends a message to Raman
Congrats Raman

Precap: Raman and Ishita engagement Ruhi and Adi the family memebers happy Gopi dances

Spoiler; Engagement marriage then a twist awaits Ishra and Gohem
Next part I will try to make longer
I wish that everyone wishes come true this 2016
Happy new year to everyone

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