Ishra and Gohem love story part 6

Ishra and Gohem love story part 6
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Scene 1
Mehendi is tomorrow
Ahem calls Raman mr Bhalla
Ahem: hi its good everyone came
Raman: yar what happened
Mr.Bhalla: what happened
Ahem: we should sneak into the mehendi
Raman: why should we
Ahem: cause ladies think they are awesome for being so good for having mehendi alone
Raman: what do you want us to do wear a saree and go in duisguise
Mr> Bhalla: Ahem
Ahem: that’s rigt Raman
Mr> Bhalla: fine I agree
Ahem: thanks dad
Raman: if papa is in so am I
Ahem: well wear saree tomorrow and sneak in
Raman: well okay then after they leave get ready

Scene 2
A girl eye ear then eyes are shown she is seen talking to a kid (not revealing yet the names in a few parts will)
Kid: where are you
Girl: Im here beta
Kid: when will we go back
Girl: soon as I think were ready to take revenge
Girl and kid hug

Scene 3
Everyone leaves
Ruhi is sad
Ruhi: I want a new ma soon so I can go to her mehendi
Mrs. Bhalla: you will after this wedding okay
Ruhi: okay
Raman and Mr. Bhalla and ahem disguise in saree
Raman: lets go ladies
Mr. Bhalla: yes we girls have to be on our best behavior wait I think I forgot some makeup
Ahem: oo comeon bila you don’t need make up
All 3 laugh
Bala comes at the door sees three people with saree
Bala: aunti can I help you
Ahem in a girly voice: were here for the mehendi
Bala: go right throught that door
They enter
Gopi is seen getting mehendi
Amma; who are they
Amma: would you like some juice do come in
Amma offers juice
Ahem puts his hand out

Scene 4
Everyone gets shocked to see Ahem Raman and Mr. Bhalla
They burst into laughter
Amma: well let them stay you don’t wanna be humiliated
All of them laugh
Someone turns on the music
Janam janam from dilwale movie plays
Ishita dances
Raman joins her

Precap: Gopi and Ahem wedding happens Amma asks Ishita will she marry Raman and Mrs. Bhalla ask to Raman leaving Raman and Ishita shocked

Spoiler: wedding to go planned Gopi and Ahem suhag rat and then Raman and Ishita shocked by Mrs. Bhalla and Amma

Writer: thanks for your support I really appericiate tell me If I am on the right track

Credit to: aHTAYYAB


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