Ishra and Gohem love story part 5

Ishra and Gohem love story part 5
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Scene 1
1 week later
Gopi and Ahem sangeet
Gopi comes dressed in a beautiful clothes
Ahem comes wearing a beautiful suit
Mrs. Bhalla recalls her and amma conversation
Mrs. Bhalla: why did you agree for Ishita to mary a divorcee
Amma: because my Ishita got rejected by many people due to infertility
Mrs. Bhalla: you mean she cant have kids
AMMA: yes she cant she can doctors will have to do treatment they said they will do it when she is married
Mrs. Bhalla: give me time to decide
Flashback ends
Mrs. Bhalla: I have thought I agree with Ishita and raman proposal
Amma: are you sure
Mrs. Bhalla: yes
Amma and Mrs. Bhalla hug
A girl starts talking
Girl: in due to sangeet the girl sister Ishita will dance with Raman song will play
Manma Emotion Jaage (from dilwale movie released this 18 of December watch it its great) plays
Raman and Ishita come close due to the steps
Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile
Everyone claps Ishita and Raman have an eye look
Mrs. Bhalla: let the new husband and wife dance
They dance on dilwale and they get aliitle to romantic
Everyone: ahhmmmmmm
Mrs. Bhalla laughs
Mrs. Bhalla: now you both cant meet until marriage
Ahem: no mom
Mrs. Bhalla: o yes
Gopi smiles

Scene 2
Ahem: see you in the wedding
Gopi: in just a few rituals then I will see you first its Mehendi and then its haldi and then marriage
Ahem kisses gopi on the cheek and leaves
Gopi smiles
Ishita: it looks like there is a lot of romance between You and Ahem
Mihika: leave it di she wont say she wont even say to her big sister Ishita
Gopi: mihu
Gopi runs
Mihika and Ishita smile
Mihika; Ishita di in a few days gopi will be gone
Ishita: we have to get ready for mehendi tomorrow im gonna dance
Mihika: me to

Precap: Raman ahem Mr. Bhalla plan to come to Mehendi

Spoiler; Mehendi Raman Ahem and Mr. Bhalla to plan to come to mehendi by a disguise
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Credit to: aHTAYYAB


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