Ishra and Gohem love story part 4

Ishra and Gohem Love story part 4
Scene 1 ‘
Ahem is seen convincing Mrs. Bhalla to go to Iyer house for Gopi proposal
Ahem: ma please go to iyer house for my and gopi proposal
Mrs. Bhalla thinks of teasing him
Mrs. Bhalla: why should I I don’t even know them
Ahem: mom please
Mrs. Bhalla: ok putar fine I will go I was gonna go I was just teasing you

Scene 2
Ahem and Mr and Mrs. Bhalla reach Iyer home
Mr. Bhalla rings the bell
Amma: heloo ahem beta come in
Mrs. Bhalla sits down with the family
Mrs. Bhalla: i am here since my ahem and your gopi love each other im here to join there hand in marriage
Amma: let gopi come ill ask her I like this relation let her come
Gopi comes with Ishita
Gopi gets shocked to see Ahem with his family ]
Amma: gopu there here to take your hand for ahem in marriage do you want it to happen
Gopi blushes
Ishita: Gopi answer
Mihika: Gopi di answer
Gopi: nods
They families trade shagun
Ishita gets happy for Gopi
Ishita: I am so happy for you gopi
Gopi: I wish you could have come with me

Scene 3
Mrs. Bhalla is seen thinking
Mrs. Bhalla: for the sake of Raman and Ruhi ill ask Vandu if she will give mihika or Ishita hand for my raman
Ruhi: I agree with you ill get a new ma
Mrs. Bhalla goes to talk to Raman
Mrs. Bhalla: I have decided to get you married after ahem wedding with gopi
Raman: ma no
Mrs. Bhalla: for ruhi any your life tumay meri qasam
Raman: ma fine

Scene 4
Mrs Bhalla goes to Ishita house on purpose with a dress but to talk for raman wedding
Mrs. Bhalla: heloo
Mrs.Bhalla: I bought a wedding clothes for gopi to see if it fits
Gopi: Aunti come sit
Ishita: Aunti you came here
Gopi and Ishita go to the room
Mrs. Bhalla: im lok=oking for a bride for my Raman too his first wife left him he has to take care of his ruhi I wanna ask your Ishita or Mihika hand in marriage
Amma: I think Ishita because mihika is a girl that wants to study shita will be happy after gopi and ahem wedding I will ask her
Mrs. Bhalla: ok

Precap: Ahem and Gopu sangeet Ishita and Raman dance Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get happy

Spoiler: Gopi and Ahem sangeet Ishita and Raman nok jok to bring them close
Writer: next part will be longer

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