Ishra and Gohem love story part 3


Ishra and Gohem part 3
I forgot to mention that yesterday episode started with a 2 month leap sorry there was an error

Scene 1
Gopi and Ahem are seen talking
Ahem: I fell in love with you since 2 months ago we just confessed today
Gopi: I know 2 months have passed and weve been working together I love you to ahem
Ishita: Raman I never knew you had feelings in these 2 months
Raman: I just confessed because I feel good in your company I feel good confessing
Ishita: its okay just move on in life ill help you fnd a new wife
Raman: thank you Ishita
Ishita and Raman get up
Ishita slips Raman catches her

Scene 2
Gopi and Ahem are seen staring
Gopi; what
Ahem: your beautiful
Ahem holds Gopi hand
Ahem winks
Gopi blushes

Precap: Mrs. Bhalla goes to Ishita house for Ahem and gopi relation

Spoiler: Ahem and Gopi marriage
Spoiler: Ishita and Raman will get close on Gopi and Ahem wedding mext part will be long

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. Super expecting some cute nok jok between ishra and have some suspence in ishithas past

  2. Why so short update dr

  3. Why is the epi too small
    but l luv it;-)

  4. Very nice…but it’s small…

  5. nice one yaar

  6. Thai is nice but to short

  7. Ta pls make hrm longer. Love the gohem parts. Get more and more cute scenes please!!!

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