Ishra and Gohem love story part 2


Ishra and Gohem Love story part 2
Hi every one hope your liking my parts

Scene 1
Ahem is seen staring at Gopi
Gopi: what happened Ahem ji
Ahem: Why are you calling me Ahem ji
Gopi: because I respect you Ahem ji
Ahem; really gopi
Gopi: yes
Ahem: would you go on a coffee date with me
Gopi: ok well go at 12 it’s a coffee ok
Ahem: ok
Gopi and Ahem smile

Scene 2
Raman and Ishita re seen arguing
Raman:: I will sit on this side you will sit on the other
Ishita: no I will sit on this side you will sit on the other
Raman: no you do it
Ishita; no you
Raman: fine you wont even go with me to the coffee place
Ishita; oo I will
Raman: ok well go at 1
Ishita: fine ou better be awre mr Raman kumar Bhalla

Scene 3
Gopi and Ahem are seen on a coffee date
Gopi: so you live in this city
Ahem: yes I live in this city
Gopi: well it’s a beautiful place
Ahem: I know like you its very beautiful
Gopi: thanks Ahem ji
Ahem: ji leave that out say Ahem
Gopi: ok Ahem
Ahem: Gopi I really like you from the first site I love you
Gopi smiles
Gopi: actually from the first time I liked you too I love you as well
Ahem hugs Gopi
Ahem dances with Gopi
Tere Haath mein mera haath ho plays

Scene 3
Ahem and Gopi are seen working now
Ishita and Raman reach the coffee place
Ishita: O FINALLY Were here
Raman; what do you mean finally were you really getting bored
Ishita: Raman no I didn’t mean anything like that
Raman: you did nobody ever liked me my children wife left me my kids for Ashok
Raman: its not fair
Raman starts to cry
Ishita consoles him
Ishita: you have to move on in life
Raman: I cant I seriously need soeone to take care of My Ruhi
Ishita: I might have been angry but know I know you have feelings
Raman hugs Ishita
Ishita: calm down Raman everything is fine

Precap: Raman and Ishita start to come close while Gopi and Ahem start getting Romantic
Spoiler: Romance coming soon then Drama then wedding

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. Ohoooo cute moments

  2. Yaar plz keep Raman as bachelor you can show ruhi as ishra real child after marriage plz just show that Raman is joking or doing drama to gain her sympathy

  3. Storyline is running fast
    How come Ahem & Gopi confess on 2nd meet itself
    & how can Raman share his personal problems with Ishitha and cry that too with unknown on 2nd meet. ..
    These 2 pairs don’t even know each other….

  4. Very fast…

  5. Ya its tru…

  6. Love the monents!!!

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