Ishra and Gohem love story intro


Ishra and Gohem love story
Heloo this is my first time posting a story like this please comment to let me know if its good

Bhala family
Raman Bhalla- a typical business man
Ahem Modhi – Raman brother also a business man has a different surname since he got it changed
Mr and Mrs. Bhalla- parents of Raman and Ahem
Neelu: maid
Rinki – sister of Raman and Ahem married to mihir
Adi bhalla- son of Raman and Shagun
Ruhi Bhalla_ daughter of Raman and Shagun

Iyer family
Ishita Iyer- a typical girl who goes to college
Gopi iyer- Ishita sister and a good typical friend ( will become modhi soon)
Mihika- sister of Gop and Ishita
Vandu- wife of bala

Shagun Arora- a person who leaves her kids for Ashok
Ashok Khanna- a enemy of Raman

Mihir_ husband of Rinki

This story revolves around Raman Ishita gopi and ahem how they struggle to get each other how much hatred with villans and that
If you want the first part of this please comment

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. sorry but according to show vandu or vandita iyer is ishitas real sister not sister-in-law.

  2. Nice
    Waiting for it ya

  3. sounds interesting
    bt i have one doubt y ahem changed his surname as modi

  4. Good intro…please upload your 1st part…

  5. Interesting…Continue

  6. Love this pair but please continue posting

  7. What it is so much confusion yaar

  8. It’s good but please give the story properly not like a script thank you please update the first part babe love you xxxx ps I am considering you as my friend not gf because I am a girl and not a lesbian lol ???????

  9. yes we need it but i hope gohem part will be more since there are many ff on ishra already and please mention who is eldest ishra or gohem

  10. allways i love ishita & raman`s love fantastic one

  11. I lev foehn more!! Please upload all the parts fast!!!

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