ishra forever (intro)

This is an ff on yeh hai mohabattein . this ff is on same story till ishita gives ruhi to nidhi and car starts .i will write what happens after this in this intro epi .
Ishita gives ruhi to nidhi and takes the baby . as in yeh hai mohabbatein the car goes but ,ishita runs behind the car giving baby to abhishek .
Ishita takes her car and goes behind nidhi’s car . she says i will not let my child go , she keeps her life at risk and saves ruhi ,when nidhi knows that she cant be saved anymore she kills herself in the car itself .

Ruhi is admitted to the hospital . raman is also very angry on ishita but he does not know ishita only saved ruhi .
Raman gets a wrong information from hospital that ruhi is dead . he gets more angry on ishita .
When ishita gets consciousness . raman goes and says ishita u r not a good mother and all that . he says ruhi died because of u . go out of my house . and i don’t want ur daughter , go wid ur daughter right now . ishita gets angry . she cries . she says how can raman be so cruel to my baby . she is his daughter also no . i cannot withstand my daughter’s insult .
Just after raman scolds ishita and goes out . nurse comes and says sorry mr.bhalla i told the wrong news to u it is ria who is dead not ruhi .
Abhishek tells the whole incident to raman how ishita did not worry about her life and saved ruhi .

Raman is shocked . he says to himself what i did i told ishita so much . she saved my daughters life , our daughter’s life and i said that she is not a good mother .
Ruhi gets consciousness . she says papa where is ishima she got hurt a lot than me. I want to see her .
When ruhi goes to meet ishita , she tells the whole incident to ruhi . ruhi says what is this ishima papa told u all this ,i hate papa ishima . u love me more than ur own life . and papa is telling all this

Ishima . can i come wid u ishima . ishita says no beta its ok . ruhi says u r not taking because i am not ur own daughter no ishima . ishita says no ruhi its not like that .
Ruhi says nobody can stop me from going wid u ishima . ishita hugs ruhi .
Ishita says ok ruhi u can come wid me and baby . we have a flat at our colony itself free now , we can go there , i don’t want to give trouble to amma ok .

The future story will go on how raman unites wid ruhi , baby and ishita
Hope u liked it please don’t forget to comment .

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    here ishita saves d baby n gives her to abhishek n runs after d car n saved ruhi.nidhi committed suicide as she was ging 2 b caught.but wuthout knowing d truth raman blamed ishita,so she left.but knowing d truth raman was ruhi also goes with ishita.very nice.varshini…u have written another ff based on this plot.right?now u r writing another version on this plot,great!How many parts r u planning 4 this ff?I will soon read ur Ishra Naksh ff too

  2. varshini

    I have not decided how many parts I am going to write but ya this is different story from what I have written before jasmine Rahul

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.