ishra forever (epi 9 )


As many said there will be no leap at all right now

Nisha is in office . raman comes inside the office . she greets him .
Ishita is at home since her clinic opens at only 9 o clock but raman goes to office at 7 thirty itself .
Ishita keeps thinking ,she suddenly gets a thought . she thinks should i forgive raman . always ishita had a love for him today it came out and made ishita to think of forgiving raman . she thinks what and all raman did wid her and gets the thought of forgiving raman out of her mind . she just then remembers oh raman did not eat breakfast , she thinks should i go and give him the breakfast . she thinks mummyji cant go ,romi has gone out (here romi is wid sarika because sarika has become good and she lives wid romi and rohit , pallavai gave her child to romi and sarika itself ) . simmi also has some work . ishita realises ,so i should give him breakfast , ayyo muruga wh y r u making me do this . i hate him but i am going to give him his breakfast . ishita says this is humanity we should not leave anybody hungry . but just then ishita remembers ishra . she is wid mummy ji , i will take her also . just when ishita is about to go . ruhi comes there . ishita says ut gaya mera baccha go and brush ur teeth go i am going out .

ruhi wake up adi bhaiya also after sometime ok . ruhi says aap ishra ko bhi leke ja rahe ho . ishita says han i am taking her also to give breakfast to raman . ruhi says mein bhi chalti hun aapke sat . adi comes there ,he says mein bhi chalunga . ishita says no bacchon no body will come wid me ok . u go get ready and eat breakfast . within that i will comeback ok . ruhi says ishima we r getting bored bein at home , its summer holidays then when will we get chance to see papa’s office again , please take us na . ishita says ok baba but no disturbing papa going there come wid me we will give papa food and come back ok . ruhi and adi say ok ishima .ishita ,adi ,ruhi andishra go to raman’s office . when ishita goes inside a staff who she is .ishita says i want to meet raman bhalla . the staff says really but he does not meet any body in office hours .

just then nisha comes there . the staff says nisha she wants to meet sir actually . nisha says no . just then she sees ishita . she says dr aap yahan . ishita says hi u r nisha am i right . nisha says yes but why do u want to meet sir . nisha asks some urgent work . ishita does not want to tell she is raman’s wife , because nowadays she did not like her being called raman’s wife . she says i want to meet him please only two minutes . nisha says ok, and ur baby is too cute .she goes to raman and says a lady has come here to met u . raman says call her . ishita comes there wid ishra,ruhi and adi . nisha is also there in the room . raman says ishita , ishra , adi ,ruhi aap sab . ishita says in an angry tone. U did not eat breakfast . raman says so my wife came here for me . nisha is shocked . nisha tells sir she is ur wife is it . raman says han nisha she is my wife . ishra comes slowly walking to raman ,raman hugs ishra .

raman says nisha let me introduce u my family . he shows ishita and says this is my wife ishita . ruhi and ishra my two cute daughters and this is adi my son . adi says hi . nisha is irked . she says hi adi . ishita says hi nisha . nisha is irritated . she says sir my brother is coming from Mumbai today , can i go home early today . raman says sure nisha

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Great.waiting for ishra reunion……

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…….???

  3. jasmine Rahul

    now nisha knows d truth.will she back off or will she try 2 snatch raman?

  4. Nice epi … Actually i am a silent reader but frm now i will comment. Don’t take the leap…

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