ishra forever (epi 8 )


The next day ishita goes to clinic leaving ishra to mrs.bhalla . raman goes to office . raman is in important meeting . he is talking wid someone very important . suddenly he gets teeth pain . he calls his secretary and says nisha look for the best dentist in delhi and tell me . he does not even realise that his wife is itself a dentist . nisha sees ishita’s name and says dr.ishita . raman does not even hear her , he is in very much pain . he says whatever is her name let us go there . tell the driver to get the car ready . they go to ishu’s clinic . he does not even see the name board . he says excuse me doctor and goes inside . nisha says doctor he got sudden pain in his teeth . just then raman sees ishita . he says ishita u is it . raman says nisha u go i will come . nisha says nbut sir . raman says get out now .ishita says are u ok raman . raman says u love me no ishita . ishita says enough raman .now let me treat u . ishita treats raman . ishita after treating raman says us bechare ko kyun dant rahe the . i don’t love u raman ,the moment u told me the bitter words everything is over between us . nisha just then comes inside the room when ishita is talking to raman . nisha says u know sir, doctor . ishita says han ,by the way who r u to sir . nisha says p a personal assistant . ishita says ok then i will drop raman in his house u go . nisha is confused , she thinks who is this lady . she knows sir also . who could this lady be who comes between me and sir and smiles . she goes to her home and sees raman’s photo , she says i love u sir how will i tell u this .u look too handsome . mein to ek baar bhi aapke gar nahi gayin hun . but i know that u love me a lot sir . u would be 25 or something like that is it not . i have become ur personal assistant . i want to become ur life partner sir . will u marry me . she keeps talking to the photo
To be continued

Really really sorry for the very very small episode but will make the next epi bigger one . i just wanted to post this particular epi as soon as possible to show the new twist so sorry again
Guys one more thing can any body tell me how old will adi , ruhi and ishra baby be if this ff takes
10years leap .please tell me . i thought of joining ishita and raman and taking a leap after ishita , raman’s reunion
And also tell how was today’s epi

Credit to: varshini

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  1. It’s great I love the new twist but I don’t think you should take the leap it’s kinda too soon just continue with the new tract let’s see how the pa handles the news of Raman being married love your fan fiction

  2. No leap….ur story is sooooo good… Please don’t make a 10 year leap….make it abt say two years and make ishita pregnant…and it was nice

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    The Episode is Superbbbbbbbb…… If such a 10 yrs leap takes place,I think Adi will be 24 yrs,Ruhi will be 19 yrs,ISHRA will be 11 yrs……

  4. thanq reshma Pradeep for telling the ages of adi ruhi and ishra . as advised by readers I will not take leap right now ok . I will surely postpone it . thanq for ur comments

  5. jasmine Rahul

    ishra clinic scene is so nice,nisha luvs Raman?OMG!Will she create orobs or will Ishita get jealous n it bring ishita raman closer?

  6. Hey I am a silent reader I really love your ff but after reading this 10 yrs leap idea I thought I should comment I don’t like this leap this leap is too long I think 5 or 6 yrs leap is ok

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