ishra forever (epi 7 )

The next day ishita gets up . she sees flowers in the room and raman missing . she thinks raman did all this , why does he not understand that i will never forgive him . why . ishita gets up and sees her clock . it was 8 o clock . she thinks ruhi and adi’s school . just then she realises summer holidays has begun for ruhi and adi . she goes near the flowers and sees . it is written in the bouquet , from ruhi ,adi and ishra for our sweetest mother on earth . happy mother’s day to u . ishita is taken aback she thought it was raman. Though she hated raman she loved him deep inside her heart . she then thinks so cute . she goes and checks the phone . the alarm has been switched off . she thinks so yeh bacchon ka kam hai , and goes out . she sees mrs.bhalla and simmi also sitting outside in dining table . ishita says sorry mummyji it became late to get up today . mrs.bhalla says i also got up late today . simmi says i also . ishita says to yeh bacchon ka kam hi hai . they switched of our alarms mummyji . mrs.bhalla says vahan deko . ishita sees, ruhi wid ananya and adi , cooking . ishita smiles . she goes there . ruhi says happy mother’s day ishima and hugs her . ruhi says today u should not do any work ok . ishita says thanq baby but u don’t need to do this i understand that u and adi bhaiya love me a lot . mrs.bhalla says from there ishita i am trying to tell them that only . but they will not agree u will come . ishita says ok v ruhi baby mein ja rahi hun . ishita just then realises baby ,she says baby , baby where is ishra . ruhi points there . raman is seen handling ishra . he makes her bath , dress up and taking care of baby . ishita smiles seeing raman managing ishra wid much difficulty . ruhi says papa is doing this to make u rest . ishita says kuch bhi and goes . during afternoon adi ,ruhi and ananya come wid lunch . ishita says u made all this . ruhi says papa also helped us . he is also baby for dadi no . ishita says teek hai . all the kids hugh their mother and thank them . ruhi and adi hug ishita . ishra seeing adi and ruhi hugging ishita comes slowly walking and hugs ishita too . she says ma ,ma . ishita gets very happy . it is the first time that ishra told her ma . ruhi calls up shagun and wishes her a happy mother’s day . ruhi says shagun i love u . she asks how is the baby . shagun says he is fine .

Ishita takes ruhi ,adi and ishra to mall . raman says i will also come . ruhi insists to take raman wid them . ishita agrees . ishita and ruhi do a lot of shopping ,while raman and adi take care of ishra . ruhi buys a saree for ishita . she says this is ur gift for mothers day and hugs ishita . ishita says yeh gift se bhi zyda yeh gift hai . ruhi smiles . ishita thinks ruhi is itself the greatest gift on earth

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Credit to: varshini


  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really a Treat to all Mothers…..Its Awesome….????????????????????????????????????

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