ishra forever (epi 5 )


She says raman give me ishra . raman says no ishita i will not give ishra to u . if u want me to give ishra come here . ishita goes to raman . raman leaves ishra down and hugs ishita , he says ishita please forgive me ,please , i cant live without u ishita , please,i love u so much ishita please . ishita says leave me raman i know u love me raman bas karo aap . raman says then why don’t u forgive me . ishra again lifts her hand as if asking raman to take her again . ishita gets shocked .

raman takes ishra in his hands . ishra smiles . ishita gets shocked , she says raman my ishra will not come to u raman . u told me and my daughter to get out of ur house raman and u want me to forgive u . don’t act raman . don’t even dare to touch my daughter . u think i don’t know that u r secretly meeting ishra . raman is shocked . ishita says i am her mother raman though she is baby only .she cant speak i can understand everything about her raman . raman says if u understand everything about her then why don’t u understand the fact that ishra and ruhi need a father . why u don’t understand this ishita .

ishita cries , she says then raman bhalla why u did not understand this when u said all that unforgettable words to me . u said i was a selfish mother no , raman bhalla no u are a selfish father . u cared more for ur daughter ruhi not ishra . raman says i am sorry ishita please forgive me , please for our ishra atleast . ishita says no ours only mine . the moment u told her to get out wid me …she does not complete the sentence , she breaks down , she cries . ruhi just then sees ishita crying outside and goes to her . she says ishima don’t cry .

The next day ishita says ruhi u packed all ur things we are going . ruhi says u did not tell me where we are going .

After raman goes the whole night ishita thinks about what raman said . she thinks i am not only punishing raman but also my adi , ruhi and ishra . she thinks to go back to bhalla house . to give ruhi and ishra their father . she thinks i don’t need raman but my children ruhi and ishra need him . she says to herself ishita u have been selfish . u thought only about urself . u did not think about ruhi who came wid u leaving her father , and adi who loved u more than his father u left him also . and ishra ,she also loves raman very much . i have to go to bhalla house not as raman’s wife but as ruhi ,adi and ishra’s mother.
FB ends

Ishita says ruhi hum bhalla house ja rahe hai .

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    Good one

  2. Wow thats great.i lov this epi plz upload soon

  3. jasmine Rahul

    raman hugging ishita suddenly wow.ishita saying that as she is a mother she knew everything abt ishra n so she was aware of their secret meeting was nice.ishita had decided 2 go 2 bhalla house.then what happened which made her not step inside bhalla house?

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Woww…….Its Awesome….. Plzzzz post next one sooonnnnnnnnn

  5. nice.but decision of ishitha is little bit is confusing

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