ishra forever ( epi 4 )


After 1 year .
Ishita says mera baby ut gaya to ishra . ishratries to take her first steps . ishra walks . ishita says ruhi yahan ao . ishra is walking ruhi . ruhi gets excited she says ishima will she start playing with me . ishita says no ruhi beta she tried to walk and she walked but to walk properly no it will take some time . ruhi says tomorrow is ishra’s birthday ishima . ishita says han beta . tomorrow we will have a simple party at home .me ,u , adi bhaiya , shagun mumma, manoj uncle . ruhi says wait a minute ishima . u told shagun mumma should not go anywhere till shagun mumma’s baby is born . ishita says han baba i said but she will come in car and go in car safely ok u don’t worry ok . ruhi says ok ishima and kisses ishita and goes . ishita smiles . ishita calls shagun . shagun says tomorrow is ishra’s birthday no . ishita says next year ishra will have a younger sister or brother . shagun smiles . she says no sister brother only . i already have two daughters ,ruhi and ishra is also like my daughter only . i have only one son , soo i want a son . ishita says ok shagun any baby bacche to bacche hote hai . shagun says han ok i will come tomorrow . ishita says and, shagun ishra started walking shagun but she is not walking properly , she will start walking properly after somedays , i saw in internert . shagun says ya ruhi also started walking very late only . ishita says really . shagun says han ishita . ishita says ok shagun its becoming late for ruhi’s school i will call u later ok come tomorrow bye and rushes outside , raman also comes the same way ,he is also rushing to office . ishita and raman collide ishita is about to fall . raman holds her . yeh hai mohabattein plays . ishita says raman leave me . raman leaves ishita . ishita says paitiyam and goes . raman says madras an wait what is the meaning of the word u said . ishita goes angrily . raman thinks 1 year has passed but ishita did not forgive me , but why . ruhi comes there she says because u did not apologise to her . raman hugs ruhi . ruhi says chodiya mujhe papa . raman says apne papa se bat nahi karogi . ruhi says i like ishima and u equally but u hurt ishima papa . she saved me . but u said she is selfish . u said her that she wanted to save her daughter so only she called police . she kept her life at risk and saved me papa , but in return what u did , u told her to get out why papa . u did not even think once . the one who married u for the sake of me , how can she be selfish papa . how can she tell me papa . raman looks sad and shocked by ruhi’s confrontation . she says papa u r too bad and goes to home to bring school bag . raman cries ,he thinks ,i should apologise to ishita and bring her back . after ishita leaves ruhi in school and comes back . she sees raman standing outside her house . she goes inside after seeing him also . ishra comes walking slowly . there is a glow of recognition in ishra’s eyes . ishita is inside her house . ishra lifts her hands and says something which is not understood by raman . he understands that ishra wants him to lift her and kiss her . he lifts her and kisses her . ishra smiles and again blabbers something .
Ishita comes out of her house to see where is ishra . she sees ishra wid raman .

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ishra bumped into each other.he held her from fallingthat was romantic.But she called him mad in tamil.Ishita found Raman with will she react?waiting 4 the party

  2. Well written really love it can’t wait for ishita reaction wen she sees raman and ishra together

  3. Hope real story will have same face hope ruhi won’t hate her ishimaaa

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome….. I love it…..How will Ishu react when she saw Ishra with Raman??

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