ishra forever ( epi 3 )


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Ishra smiles seeing raman . raman gets teary eyed . he says ishita aur meri beti and hugs ishra. He says i did not even see her properly when she was born but within that nidhi kidnapped her . i told ishita to to take take this beautiful angel away from me . raman cries . shagun says calm down raman . raman says i can never forgive myself for saying ishita all this . and cries . raman says ishra hai na tera nam ishita aur raman . u r too cute dear to baby . raman says i will not let my princess go ,i will apologise to ishita and bring her back . shagun says she will not forgive u right now raman . wait for some time . with time ishita’s anger will also come down . raman says please don’t take ishra from me right now . shagun says but ishita . shagun sees ishra and raman so close and calls ishita . she says ishita mummy ji wants to do a pooja for ishra . so shall i bring her after 3 hours . ishita first hesitates then says ok mummy ji is experienced she can handle ishra and then says shagun u also take care of ishra no . shagun says don’t worry ishita i am there no i will take care . she says to mrs.bhalla mummyji i lied to ishita for raman . its ok but only three hours . shagun says a baby can never be away from its mother for more than ten minutes but i lied to ishita because ishra recognises me also . if she cries also i will handle . mrs.bhalla says thanq puttar , i am seeing raman happy puttar thanq so much puttar . shagun says its ok mummy ji .

In room ramn kisses ishra for the 15th time . he gets overwhelmed seeing ishra . he hugs her again and again .he says yeh to bilkul ishita ki tarah dikhti hai . ishra keeps smiling . raman says u smile seeing me beta ,i love u . the father – daughter enjoy each others company in the three hours given to them . shagun comes to raman’s room and says raman i asked ishita for three hours now it has become three hours fifteen minutes . now give ishra to me please . shagun takes ishra . ishra cries . she says don’t cry baby and takes her to ishita . raman says shagun sambhalke . shagun says ok raman and takes ishra . she says ishita lo tera baccha . i brought her safely . ishita says puja and no Prasad . shagun tries to hide tha matter . she says Prasad adi ate it fully . ishita says really adi ate everything shagun . he does not like sweets that much actually shagun u also know that . shagun says but he liked sweet only this time very much . ishita says ok and takes ishra . she leaves shagun till car and comes back . she says ruhi u did not eat till now beta and feeds ruhi . ishra cries . she goes and takes care of her . ruhi says ishima u take care of me and ishra very well how do u manage to do all this . ishita just smiles.
Things go the same , ishra and ruhi are wid ishita . raman secretly asks shagun to bring ishra to him in the name of mummy ji . raman and ishra become close ishra baby not only loves ishita and ruhi but also loves her papa very much . adi comes and visits ruhi and ishita as much as possible but he does not tell that raman is secretly meeting ishra . raman misses ishita very much . he goes near ishita’s home and sees ishita .
time flies ,one year goes like this

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. awwwwww this is so emotional and well written love it

  2. Varshi its soooooooooo cute dr………..the father -daughter love is awesome…………. Please don’t stop for any reason…… And we ar not angry with u for not replying us………sometimes even I don’t get a chance to comment u sooo at that moment don’t think that I’m not reading ur ff…….. Because I always read them even though I’m busy……….

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome…….. I love it yaar………

  4. Samreen Chougle

    U r really doing well ur story is perfect I think u should post it on instagram too soo u can get more readers just suggesting u

  5. jasmine Rahul

    Raman Ishra scene was so beautiful.They r getting closer without Ishita’s knowledge.How will Ishita react if she comes 2 know it?

  6. Wow i love ur story. Continue the story and plz update soon

  7. Sarayu(honey)

    You are doing really very good job, superb

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