ishra forever (epi 21)-(last epi)

Nisha calls raman , she says raman dont try to call police , if u call i will kill ishita . come at five thirty to my house , i have already called the punditji , after u come we will marry and cuts the call . ramn gets worried.
Ishita is tied to a chair . nisha comes there . ishita is shocked , she says nisha tum , nisha says han me i have only kidnapped u i want to marry raman . ishita is shocked . nisha says han ishita why r u shocked , i first thought i will kill u but u were the only way of getting raman . ishita says chi what a woman r u . raman is married to me then how do u expect him to marry u nisha . nisha say bas ishita bhalla and slaps ishita .she then closes the door and goes outside .ishita cries , she says raman save me from this mad raman .
Raman comes there at five thirty. He goes inside , there were many goons but everybody let him go .
He sees nisha there , dressed up as a bride , paundit ji was also there . he was saying some mantras . raman says nisha i want to see ishita . nisha says ok and takes him to ishita . ishita cries seeing raman , raman tries to open the rope but a goon comes and pushes him . nisha says hey dont u dare to touch my raman ,and slaps him . she say hey keep knife in her neck and takes raman from there . raman says nisha bas bahut hua i dont want to marry u , leave my ishita . nisha shouts raman , and says shambo(goon)ishita ko mar do . shambo is about to kill ishita with a knife , a hand stops the knife , it is raman’s , one more goon comes there , then one more . raman fights all the goons . police arrive there as planned . nisha hears the siren , she says no , and goes and takes the knife while raman is fighting wid the goons . she goes andslits ishita’s wrist . ishita cries in pain . abhishek comes there and he arrests nisha and the goons . raman falls down in the ground after fighting . raman says ishita tum teek tho ho . ishita faints .
Ishita and raman wake up in a hospital. Ishita gets up and thinks raman teek tho hai . raman also gets up and thinks ishita teek tho hai . ishita runs out , she says where is raman , family members r shocked . amma says ishu raman teek hai , his hand is fractured and he has small injururies ok . ishita heaves a sigh of relief .
After some days
Ishita says raman today we have to go for dressing . raman says my hands . ishita says ya .they go and get raman’s plaster removed .
Raman and ishita come home . raman says shall i see whether my hands got better ,ishita says how . raman hugs her . ishita says like this is it and laughs . raman says if it is ok with u i will try whether my lips are healthy , and he goes close to ishita , just then ruhi comes there and stands at the door , ishita laughs , she says ao ruhi , ho ishra bhi ayi hai . adi says mein bhi . ishita laughs seeing raman’s sad face . adi says ishima shall we take a selfie , these many days papa was not well , many problems because of thst nisha . raman says adi now u dont worry , she is getting treatmen of her illness . adi says really . ishita says why r u talking about nisha now chalo chalo selfie lo . adi takes a selfie , wid ishra ruhi and ishita raman . adi , ruhi and ishra go back . ishita says bad happens wid bad people raman , take many examples , nidhi died , nisha went to jail , ashok he is nowhere to be seen , nowadays he is afraid of us ,raman laughs . ishita suddenly starts crying . raman says kya hua . ishita says thank u raman . raman says for what . ishita says because of u only i got such a good family , ruhi , adi and ishra , i love u so much raman . raman says dont thank me ishita i should thank u , u made my life beautiful and sorry for scolding u after that nidhi’s incident took place . ishita says bas raman u r talking things which have happened long ago , the one year we were living seperately made our love strong . raman asks really . ishita says really raman . raman says shall i test my lips now . ishita says u got fractured in ur hands naughty
They lived happily ever after , they went on facing the obstacles of life wid their love and affection for each other


since this is the last epi i want to thank each and everyone who commented so far , sorry if there had been some mistakes in some of the episodes. I will start another ff after somedays as i am already writing a ishra and yuvani ff . if u have not commented so far also please comment today it will make me happy
thank u so much

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Nisha skit ishita’s throat?oh…Raman got hurt by fighting with goons.thank god both r fine now n nisha is caught by Abhishek n gang.Ishra romance n dialogues were too nice.nice ending.plz keep updating Ishra yuvani ff

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