ishra forever ( epi 2 )

Shagun is in her house when manoj comes and says shagun marry me . shagun says manoj let some days go manoj . manoj says shagun i cant wait anymore . i love u shagun then why don’t u marry me. Shagun is happy seeing manoj saying i love u . she says ok manoj but only a small ceremony .i always wanted this marriage manoj but i wanted the right time to come and hugs manoj. Manoj’s mother says so i wil start the preparations of marriage ok . shagun says ok mummy ji . shagun first goes to ishita’s house . she says ishita how are u .ishita says i am fine .how are u shagun . she says i am fine ishita. Are u fine . ishita says somewhat , i have ruhi with me , and ishra . she is the cutest doll in this world . and adi he always comes and visits me . what else i want shagun shagun says ok ishita u take care of urseelf ruhi and ishra but u know i have a gud news . i am marrying manoj next week . ishita says really . i am very happy for u shagun . shagun says han ishra is also born and all things are settled in my life except u ishita , ishita says shagun please . shagun says ok baba . everything in my life is going in a right way . ruhi and adi got a nice mother . i safely gave ur ishra to u . so manoj asked me today about our marriage i accepted . ishita says i am so happy for u shagun .

adi is just then coming inside he says shagun mumma u r getting married is it and hugs shagun . shagun says yes to manoj. Ishita says shall i bring ishra . shagun says han ishita sure , the main reason is that only . shagun says she is ur daughter completely ishita .she looks exactly like u . ishita says han shagun may be . ishita comes there with ishra . shagun says give to me . shagun takes ishra .she says do u recognise maasu bets and kisses her . ishita says bilkul apne papa pe gayi hai . she is exactly like her father u know . just then ishita realises what she is saying . she says my daughter will never become like raman , never.sjhagun says calm down ishita just then shagun gets a call . she takes the call . shagun says it is mummy ji . ishita says what she told . shagun says i think adi told adi told that i have come , so she is asking to bring ishra to her mummy ji is pleading to me ishita . ishita says ok take her to mummy ji she will be very happy to see her but not raman , he should not even touch my daughter ok . shagun asks ruhi will u also come with baby and me . ruhi says no shagun mumma never . i will never go to that house . u go . shagun says teek hai and takes ishra in her arms and goes

She takes ishra to bhalla house . she says about her marriage wid manoj . all get glad .shagun says mummy ji as u told ishita sent ishra wid me . she said its ok if i take her to u . mrs.bhalla takes ishra in hands . ishra smiles . simmi says i will take her once mumma and takes ishra . ishra starts crying .shagun says i think she is remembering ishita . shagun takes ishra but ishra does not stop crying .

She says ok baby i will take u to ishita . just then raman enters the house from office . he gets very happy seeing ishra . he says give her to me . shagun says no raman ishita said not to give baby to u . raman says bas shagun she is crying and u r telling all this and snatches ishra from shagun .

Ishra suddenly stops crying after raman takes her . ishra smiles seeing raman . all are surprised that how ishra became quite going to raman .

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Credit to: varshini


  1. varshini

    guys today even I could not show raman’s POV . surely will show in next epi .sorry

  2. jasmine Rahul

    wow…manoj proposed shagun n they r getting married.shagun took ishra 2 bhalla house but as per ishita told she refused 2 give ishra 2 Raman.But Raman snatched d baby from her n ishra stopped crying.beautiful father daughter relation.

    Varshini..plz tell hpw did u get the idea of writing one more ff on ishra separation track

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