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ishra forever (epi 18)


Ishra , ruhadi and mihika come out . ishita lights the candle . she says first we will play antakshari and then hide and seek ok . all say ok . now we r five , mihika , raman will be in one team , me adi and ruhi in one team ok . raman says this is not fair u have three in ur group . ishita says bacche hai raman , why r u arguing for this . raman first starts singing ,he sings kyunki tum hi ho seeing ishita . ishita blushes . then mihika sings and ends in b . ishita sings ban ke titli dil uda uda hai seeing raman . raman andd ishita have a eyelock . they enjoy playing antakshari . ishita says now we will play hide and seek ok . mihika and raman will find adi ,ruhi and me . ruhi hides in closet,mihika finds her out , adi hides beneath the bed , raman finds adi out . ishita is still not found . she is hiding in almirah . raman says she herself will comeout . mihika asks how jiju . raman says wait and watch . raman shouts ahh its paining , ishita from somewher appears ,she gets tensed ,she asks what happened raman and goes to raman , she asks wwhat happened . raman says u came back . ishita says this is cheating raman . raman says i found u out . ishita says no and beats him ,mihika laughs . just then the current comes backand all go and sleep . raman asks ishita ,
R: do u love me that much ishita
I:why raman
R: because i saw the pain in ur eyes when u came running when i shouted .
I: han it is okay if something happens to me , nothing should happen to u .
R: (keeping hand over ishita’s mouth)never say that , if something happens to u i will not be alive
I: u r closing my mouth and u r talking bad things
Raman hugs ishita . ishita says tomorrow we will go to mahabalipuram ok . raman says ok
The next day they go to mahabalipuram . when they r walking in the beach ishita suddenly meets a old friend .
She says hi aditi epdi irukke (how r u) . aditi says hi ishu ,where were u these many days . ishita says i was in delhi . this is my husband and shows raman . she says u r very lucky to get a husband like him (ishita glares at aditi) . she says idhu dan yen children (these r my children) and shows ruhi,adi and ishra . aditi goes from there .
Ishita says shall we go . raman says ok ,where next ishita says we will go to some temple near ok . raman says ok . they go to some temple . ishita prays . raman keeps staring at ishita . adi sees this , he says papa pray to god . raman then prays to god , he says god pleasehita ,adi ,ruhi and ishra happy . this is what i want , i don’t need anything else .
Then in the following days ishita and family visits a lot of places like vandallur zoo ,
Guindy snake park .in guindy snake park ishra gets very hapy . she goes to touch the cage in which snake is kept . ishita stops her . she says u r too brave beta , butdont touch that ok .
They then visit queensland where ruhi and adi enjoy . they enjoy the tip very much . after that ishita wid mihika’s amma and appa copme to delhi
To be continued

Credit to: varshini

  1. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbb……. loved it……..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ishra antakshari was romantic.after that their scene was very emotional.their trip was very nice

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