ishra forever (epi 17 )


Ishita is sitting out in balcony wid ishra ,ruhi and mihika . adi and raman are sitting and watching tv . ishita says ruhi beta see that black clouds the rain is going to start again we will go inside and goes to the room where adi and raman are watching tv . ishita sees this , she asks kya serials dekh rahe ho . raman says han in ur chitti’s house there r no hindi channels also . that is why i am watching tamil serial . ishita and ruhi laugh . ishita says raman come we will go out . ruhi says ishima me . u dont want to go to movie wid chitti . it is a tamil movie . u know tamil no . ruhi says little little . adi says ishima i will also go . ishita says ok . she says mihika adi is also coming . mihika says ok u r going out wid jiju no i will manage ishra u go out wid jiju . ishita says thank u mihika and goes in car wid raman . she goes to marina beach . raman says ishu u brought me to marina beach . i think it is going to rain yar . ishu says that is why i brought u here raman . i want to enjoy in rain . raman says so this was ur plan to make me wet in rain . ishita says ok we will go and sit there and goes and sits in a place . raman also sits there . he hugs her . ishita says raman

I : i am very lucky to get u as my husband .
R: i am the luckiest in this world that i got a wife like u
Just when they r talking ishita gets a call . it was shagun . shagun says hi ishita . ishita says hi shagun how r u . shagun says i am fine how r u , how is ur trip . ishita says great u know ,coming to native place almost after two or three years . shagun says ok ishita i just called to know how u and raman r bye .ishita says to raman , raman it was shagun . it starts raining , all people get going . raman also is about to go when ishu holds his hand . raman gets close to her .he hugs . he says i love u ishita in ishita’s ears . some people standing there see this . ishita says raman leave me all r seeing . raman says no ishita i will not leave u . he dances wid her in the rain (bhigi bhigi sadkon pe mein plays )
They enjoy the rest of the evening in the rain . raman and ishita come home wet . mihika says enjoying in rain . ishita says we will change and come .

Ishita comes back in a beautiful yellow saree . they eat dinner . ishita asks which movie did u go . ruhi says 24 . ishita says oh , how was the film, did u understand anything . mihika says akka ruhi knows tamil better than u akka . she is really a fast learner .ishita says ava yaroda ponnu, ava ennoda ponnu aache . raman says ishita what did u say right know . please talk in hindi yar ,please . mihika says jiju akka is always talking in hindi and sometimes punjabi also . atleast leave her now ,and i will tell u what ishu akka told , she told kiski beti hai, voh meri beti hai , raman says voh meri zyada beti . ishita says no meri . ruhi says stop ur fight . i will tell u . i am ishima’s daughter more , she only taught me tamil also . ishita says meri pyari bacchi , yennoda chellam . raman says now what did u tell . ruhi laughs , the whole family laughs seeing raman so innocent . adi says mein bhi tamil seek jaunga . raman says no adi u r punjabi munda u will always be okay . ishita says this is not fair . the whole family enjoy the arguments on language . then all go to sleep . in the middle of the night ishita wakes up . there had been a current cut . all wake up . excet chitti, her husband and ishra . ishita says i think because of rain there had been a current cut . we will go and play .

the whole family is shocked . raman says play at the middle of the night . mihika says han jiju when ishu akka used to come to our house for holidays and there used to be a current cut , the whole family , my amma, appa , ishu akka , our neighbour house boy . all used to play together . raman says okay we will play , ok adi ,ruhi . adi and ruhi say yes papa . ishita says ok then lets go to hall

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Amazing ?

  2. It’s really nice love it continue pls

  3. amazing..

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME yaar………

  5. jasmine Rahul

    SO abhishek is an orphan,has only a sis riya.Raman watching tamil?ha ha.Ruhi also watching tamil film.she knows tamil rain scene n dance was so romantic.loved it

  6. Vivek dahiya aka abhishek has a real sister name riya
    nice… Its very much good than real yhm…

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