ishra forever (epi 16 )


Ishita is in the hotel room where she is getting dressed . she looks beautiful in the red saree . mihika comes there , she says akka what shall i wear i am going to meet amma after almost one year . and that too i have to impress her for marriage . ishita says wear this saree and gives her a saree . she says thank u akka and hugs ishita . ishita says all for my sister . mihika goes from there . somenbody hugs ishita from behind . it is raman . ishia thinks it is mihika and says mihika jao go and get ready . raman says i am already ready . ishita says raman u . raman says what did u think it was mihika and goes to kiss her . but ishita hears somebody , it was like the voice of some baby . she turns back ,it was ishra . ishra was trying to tell something to her . she says tum ruhi ke sat kel rahi ti na , u were playing wid ruhi no , where is ruhi . ruhi comes there . she says han ishima she was playing wid me but dont know how she suddeny she came to this room . and takes ishra . ishita smiles seeing raman and goes .

she goes out . she goes to the room where ruhi , adi,ishra and mihika r there . she sees ruhi and ishra not ready and says ruhi u r not ready yet and makes ruhi ready . ruhisays ishima i am lucky to get a mother like u . ishita says no ruhi beta i am lucky to get a daughter like u and hugs ruhi . she says now get ready we have to go out no . ruhi says han ishima i am already ready . but adi bhaiya . adi comes and says what i am also ready . ishita says now all are ready first we r going to chitti’s house . ruhi says whose chitti . ishita says ur chiitti and my chitti’s house . ruhi says oh ok .

Ishita ‘s family wid mihika reach mihika’s house . ishita rings the bell .mihika’s mother comes and opens the door ,she is surprised ,she says ulla va ishita ,come inside . raman asks kya bol rahi hai . ishita says chitti is asking us to come inside . raman says wierd language and goes inside .

Ishita talks about abhishek and how mihika loves abhishek . ishita’s chitti agrees for the marriage after much pleading and explanation of ishita that abhishek is a nice boy . mihika gets very happy . mihika’s father also agrees for the marriage . mihika hugs ishita . she thanks ishita . ishita shows abhishek’s photo to her chitti . chitti says ladka accha hai , boy is good . but what about family . mihika says amma abhishek has a younger sister , his parents died in an accident when he was in training for ips .

His sister’s name is riya . she runs a botique .she also does not know that i love abhishek . ishita says u say that she is the only relation of abhishek u should have told her . mihika says ishu akka abhishek is very close to riya . he would have told her . ishita says ok chitti we r leaving now . chitti says ishita why r u staying in hotel beta u can stay here itself . ishita says ok chitti . mihika will also spend time wid u both and can spend time wid us also right . mihika says right .

The next day ishita is helping chitti to cook food . ruhi comes there . she says ishima what is today’s lunch . ishita says sambhar rice . ruhi says really great . ishita’s chitti asks why r u so happy .ruhi says because we have punjatamilian food in our house . ishita laughs . ishita says ok till u be here in chennai u will get only full tamil food items ok . ruhi says ok and goes . ishita and her chitti talk in tamil . raman comes there . he says ishita what a wierd language is this i am not able to understand what u and chitti r speaking . ishita and mihika’s mother laugh.

At delhi in abhishek’s house . abhishk tells that he loves mihika . riya says really and hugs abhishek . she says i did not even imagine that u could love somnebody . i am so happy for u . abhishek says riya mihika has gone to chennai to convince her parents . they r convinced and r coming to deljhi wid her . from my side i have only u . u have also agreed for this marriage i will make u meet mihika soon . riya says soon bhaiya i want to meet bhabhi a soon as possible . abhishek hugs Riya.

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Cute or should i say best

  2. It’s nice yaar… I don’t understand all the people who are writing ff on yhm make abhishek and mihika paired up but the crapy hell writers of yhm don’t know from where on the earth they got thf idea and made romi and mihika paired up i just hate them
    i love abhika

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME as Usual yaar……

  4. superb namma Chennai…rockzz

  5. hie there…
    nyc episode..great work..

  6. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww superb dr……….amazing………

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