ishra forever (epi 15 )

The next morning ishita nd raman go to police station and give complaint . they think it is ashok who did this and say they have doubt on ashok . abhishek says ok ishita j ii will take action as soon as possible ok . ishita and raman thank him and go home.

At night raman comes home . he is walking to his room ,he suddenly faints . ishita is shocked , she calls the doctor . doctor says he is very stressed wid his work and he does not have a good sleep . ishita is shocked ,she thanks the doctor and comes to her amma’s house . amma says ishita u and raman very stressed now a days . u have a vacation wid children . it is summer holidays for them . ishita says but where will we go . amma says go to our native place no ,Chennai . u know Chennai very well . ishita says amma sorry i hided a important issue from u . actually voh voh abhishek loves mihika . amma is shocked ,she keeps thinking then says abhishek accha laadka hai , he is a nice boy but , mihika’s amma that is my sister should agree for that . ishita says han amma , i will do onething i will take mihika wid raman and children when i go to Chennai . i am sure chitti will agree but mihika should be there no . amma says han ishu . ishita goes and talks to raman about this . she says u are very stressed out raman and we have danger around us ,so i think we should go out somewhere .

i thought we will go to Chennai , i did not go to Chennai after our marriage at all please shall we go there . ruhi and adi will be happy amnd ishra also , she is like me only ,she ikes tamil and tamil place ok .raman says no no ishita ishra is complete Punjabi. Ishita says ok ok she is punjabitamilian ok , we will go to Chennai no please . raman says ok pack all the things we will go , me ,u ishra adi ruhi right . ishita says mihika is also coming . we have to talk about mihika’s marriage to chitti . raman says really okk and goes . ishita goes to ruhi ,she says ruhi we r going out .ruhi asks where ishima . ishita says Chennai . ruhi says thank u ishima u would have planned this right . i was getting bored again and again playing wid ishra . ishra also got bored playing wid me . ishita laughs she says ok now shall i pack ur and adi’s bag . ruhi says i am a big girl ishima . ishita says ok u r a big girl but let me pack ur bag ok and packs ruhi’s bag . and then adi’s . she then packs her bag .

Then raman comes home from office ,ishita says all packed . now when r we going . raman says tomorrow flight is available . so we will go tomorrow . ishita hugs raman .
The next day ishu , raman , ruhi,adi,ishra and mihika board the flight .

Precap: they reach Chennai and enjoy in Chennai

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  1. Beautiful…

  2. jasmine Rahul

    they think its ashlok.nobody doubts nisha.they all r going 2 chennai.hope it will an interesting trip/guess there will b a twist too.

  3. Reshma Pradeep


  4. Nice one….Interesting… waiting to enjoy Ishra in chennai…And I am also from Chennai☺

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