ishra forever (epi 14 )

Ishita brings ishra and makes her sleep . ishita tells to raman ,raman tomorrow adi will become thirteen . he will become a teenager , i think he forgot his birthday . but i have bought all birthday and today 12o clock we wiil wake him up and celebrate his birthday . tomorrow evening let him celebrate his birthday wid his friends . but now only family . raman says adi will be very happy , he will become thirteen now . ishita says vandu akka , sritija , shravu ,bala jiju . shagun’s family told they will come at ten o clock and stay here . amma, appa will also come .that’s all raman . she says now it’s only 9 raman now however . adi would have not slept i cant do the decorations . raman says shall i call my pa and ask her to come now for adi’s birthday . ishita says why raman there are only family members here and moreover the way she sees u . ishita giggles , she says i think she loves u raman . raman says ishita and smiles . he says what type of fun is this man . actually she is helping me a lot in my work ,the old pa Shankar used to do all work ulta pulta in a hurry also . ishita says really so u also love nisha . raman says naughty and chases ishita . ishita runs and comes to hall she stops seeing everyone . raman smiles . at night after adi sleeps ishita makes the decorations . she then goes and wakes up adi . she says happy birthday adi . adi gets very happy . he cuts the cake . he first gives it to ishita ,ishita is surprised she thought adi would give it to raman or shagun or ruhi . she hugs him .then adi gives it to raman then shagun and ruhi . then ruhi gives adi her gift . then shagun gives adi a video game . adi says ishima where is ur gift . ishita says i will give u wait u know even ur papa does not know what i am going to give . ishita says come wid me and takes adi wid her to a room . she says u havebecome a big boy now so this is ur room . adi says really ishima but how did u know that i wanted a separate room . ishita says i somehow knew , leave that here after u need not share a room wid ruhi . adi hugs ishita . ruhi says mein kiske sath soungi , wid whom will i sleep then . ishita says u have also grown up ,so u will sleep wid ananya in ur room . ananya is 4 years old now she can sleep alone wid ruhi no . ananya says ye i am so happy . ishita says then ruhi ananya in a room and adi in a separate room ok . simmi bua will also have a separate room . so now ishra me papa in a room . adi in room . ruhi ananya in a room . simmi bua in a room and papaji and mummy ji in a room ok . ruhi says bas ishima . i am getting confused more . ishita says ok now all back to sleep .

Ishita says tomorrow morning i have a lot of work . now lets go to sleep and goes .adi goes and sleeps in his room . suddenly he hears a sound , he goes out . he sees somebody standing there . ishita has come to kitchen to take water . she hears adi shouting ishima , she goes out and sees when somebody is about to hurt adi wid a knife , ishita comes in the middle and gets her hand cut . adi shouts ishima and goes rto catch the attacker but he goes away . all the family members come out but after the incident has took place. Raman gets shocked seeing ishita’s hand cut . he says ishita that attacker cut ur hand is it . adi says han papa he came to attack me but ishima saved me and her hand got cut .he cries . he says ishima u did did not even care about ur life and saved my life and hugs her . meri maa plays in background . ishita says han raman somebody isattacking us continuously we have to find out who it is tomorrow we will meet abhishek . raman says ok i will bring first aid bow . ishita then suddenly gets pain in her hand , she says bahut dard ho raha hai ,it is paining a lot .

The attacker comes somewhere . he goes to somebody again it is none other than our nisha . the attacker says sorry madam i could not kill that boy , some lady came in middle i did not know whether to kill her or not so i cut her hand and came back , sorry . nisha says ok now go . nisha says i have four people who r between me and raman . the first one is ishita , second the three children . i tried to kill ishita but she got saved , i tried to kill that boy but ishita saved him . no nobody can separate me and raman . nobody in this world . whoever comes in between me and raman i will kill them . first i think i should kill ishita then everything will be ok .

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Adi’s b’day celebration was nice.Nisha’s attacker tried 2 harm adi,but ishita saved adi hurting herself.ishita adi scene was emotional with meri maa song.Hope Abhishek catches Nisha

  2. Really superb and I’m reading u r story first time…really nice story but I don’t know before parts so I can’t understand who is nisha…

  3. varshini

    nisha is raman’s p a . she is very rich and came to work under raman only to make him love her . she is also mentally ill . so she wants to kill ishita and the children so that they don’t be a problem for her love

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