ishra forever (epi 13 )


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The next day adi comes in kitchen while ishita is cooking . he says ishima its too boring now a days no school also . ishita says when school used to be there u used to say ishima no holidays . adi smiles he says shall i do some work . ishita says so u r feeling bored what is ruhi doing . and shravan is not there is it . adi says ishima ruhi is doing some drawing . shravan , he is eating . ishita says he is eating is it. Adi says han . ishita says ok we will do one thing , i have to buy something, so i have to go out u come wid me , we will go to shop and then go to shagun mumma’s house . shagun mumma’s house is close only no we will go there also . adi says cool ishima ,come we will go . ishita and adi go out . ishita is walking in road wid adi . a car purposefully is coming to hit ishita . adi who is in a shop sees this and saves ishita in nick of time . ishita is shocked . adi asks her are u fine . ishita says i am fine adi beta . ishita says adi did u see the car’s number . he says no ishima , i did not see the number but it was a black car . ishita doubts that somebody did this deliberately . adi says enough of shopping ishima . we will go to shagun mumma’s house . ishita says ok adi and goes to shagun’s house . she sees manoj . she says hi to manoj and goes inside . adi plays wid the baby . shagun says i have to talk to u ishita . ishita says what shagun . shagun says come wid me . shagun after going outside says . ishita thanks a lot . ishita asks why r u telling thanq shagun . shagun says i left ruhi u took care of her . adi came to u u took care of him , u gave them mother’s love . ya they r ur children more . adi was so naughty and bad when he was wid me . u mad him good . thanq so much ishita . ishita says u know only told that they r my children more than urs, its ok shagun . u have a done a lot to me . u gave me ishra , adi and ruhi . u became my sister when u helped me in exposing sarika . i should thank u shagun . adi just then comes there . he says shagunmumma baby is crying . shagun says i am coming and goes . adi says chalo gar chalet hai . ishita says why so jaldi . adi says ishima ishra .ishita just then realises that she has left ishra at home . she says shagun bye ok ishra was sleeping so i came . if she gets up she will search for me so bye shagun . shagun says ok ishita bye . ishita and adi go .
The black car that came to hit ishita stops at some house . the driver is shown ,it is none other than our nisha . she says bach gayi , she got saved . why bagvan , why god everything bad happens wid me . how come that ishita got saved . she should have been dead . i want raman . the only problem is that ishita . if i kill ishita no , i can marry raman .
Ishita comes home . she sees ishra wid raman . she sees raman . raman is in an happy mood . he says u know ishra told papa today for the first time . ishita also gets very happy . she says really . please tell no ishra please once more . she does not say . raman asks she says . ishita says always only listens papa’s words . raman says kiski beti hai , whose daughter she is , raman bhalla’s daughter , ishra bhalla . ishita says ok my son will be like me , ishita bhalla’s son adi bhalla . ruhi comes there she shows a drawing . ishita says this is beautiful . ruhi shows the drawing and says this is papa , this is ishima , this is adi bhaiya me and ishra . our family . ishita says we will stick this somewhere in our house . ruhi says ok ishima and goes wid adi and ishra . raman smiles ,he says I cant imagine a life without u ,adi , ruhi and ishra . ishita hugs him

To be continued

Credit to: varshini

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar………Really a Good one……..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    loved adi saving nisha is behind this…oh no…she is a new hindrance in ishra;s life after niddhi

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