ishra forever (epi 12 )

The episode starts wid mihika coming home dreaming and blushing . ishita is coming there holding ishra . mihika is also coming the same way dreaming . she collides wid ishita . ishita says dekhke chalo mihika what are u dreaming . mihika blushes and goes . ishita says normally toh aisi nahi thi yeh . ishita says ishra tumhe kuch pata hai kya mihika chitti ke bare me . ishra blabbers something . kuch toh bat hai jo tumhe pata hai par mujhe samaj me a nahi raha hai . ishita smiles and goes . she calls from outside the colony , ruhi adi a hame shopping ke bad shagun mumma ke gar bhi jana hai. Adi and ruhi come . ruhi says dekho ishima i wore the new dress u bought for me .. ishita says han ruhi it is nice . ruhi , adi aap jake car mein beito mein aati hun i will come wait . ruhi goes from there . ishita says adi u also take ishra no . and gives ishra to adi . adi goes and sits wid ruhi and plays wid ishra . ishita goes to iyers house . she asks mihika to come wid her to shop . mihika agrees and comes wid them . they in car to a mall . they shop very nicely . abhishek comes there . ishita sees abhishek there and says abhishek tum yahan . abhishek says han ishita j ii came her because there was a theft here in this mall . since nobody were at station i myself came to handle the matter . mihika smiles seeing abhishek there . abhishek then sees ishra and kisses her .

ishita says carry on wid ur work abhishek i will continue my shopping .saying this ishita goes . mihika also goes at the back of ishita . but by mistake collides wid abhishek and is about to fall down abhishek holds her yeh hai mohabbatein plays . mihika gets up and smiles . she says really tum duty pe ho . abhishek says really but inspector told he will go but i wanted to meet u so i took this duty . mihika smiles . she says but i am going home now u came late . abhishek says ok i will carry on wid my duty . mihika smiles . she turns back , she sees ishita and is shocked she says akka aap . ishita says so u thought u can hide this from me . mihika says no akka . yesterday only abhishek proposed to me . ishita says abhishek aur tumne bhi mujhe nahi bataya i am so happy for u both and hugs mihika . ishita says mein aapke liye parivar se bath karungi . abhishek says thanq so much ishita ji . ishita says i am very happy for u . mihika says thanks akka .

Ishita goes home . raman had already come home and was waiting for ishita . he says ishita u came back and hugs her . he says hame bahtut bada deal mila hai . ise hamara bahut profit hoga . ishita says really raman congrats and hugs him . ishita says aur bhi bada news hai mere pas ,bataun . raman says tell no ,noo secrets between us . mihika loves somebody . raman says really . ishu says han really i am so happy for her . raman says who is the prince charming . ishita says our mihika’s hero is very good . abhishek . raman says really and hugs ishita, he says love u ishita . ishita says no raman abhishek loves mihika . raman says han han mujhe pata hai . u would have told i will talk to famiy right . ishita says how raman how do u know that . raman says this is ur character ishita . my Jhansi ki rani is very brave .

ishita says u understand me very well raman hurt u very much in this one year . will u forgive me . raman says why should i forgive u . u have not done any mistake , all the mistake was mine , u forgave me thank u for that . ishita hugs raman . ishra comes there . ishita takes her in hands . ishra shows towards raman . raman takes her . ishita says papa ki ladli , hamesha papa ke pas hi rehena hai and smiles. Raman says vo jo dusri beti tumhari bilkul apni ishima ki ladli . ishita says vo to hai . she is the one who made my life very beautiful . she gave u adi and ishra to me . adi comes there . raman says vahi ruko adi . u tell me who u like more ishima or papa . adi says now i like ishima . raman says naughty fellow . ishita hugs adi . she says dekho i have my adi and ruhi . ishra slowly comes to ishita . raman says tik ha ii am also ishita’s ladla and hugs ishita . adi says i am also ishima’s ladla and hugs ishita . ishra says something .ishita says tum bhi aa jao and hugs ishra ,adi and raman . ruhi comes there . she says again ishima , u r doing it again . i am ur most favourite right and hugs ishita . ishita thinks kisi ki nazar na lag jaye

please comment . if u comment only I will know how this ff is . so please give some feedback . thanq for all those who have commented so far


Credit to: varshini


  1. kv

    If it is in English means,it will be soo good. Plz make next one in English,… I understood somewhat,its nice yaar

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Nice epi.But my fav was Mihika slipping n abhishek holding her with YHM song on was so abhika.
    Varshini…r u the one who started YHM SSEL FF?plz continue that if u r d writer.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..