ishra forever (epi 11 )


Guys yes u found it right both bala and ruhi are impartial towards ishu and raman . since ruhi is a kid ishita goes and asks bala first .she goes to his house . she says jiju i want to talk to u . bala says sure ishu come . she goes inside .ishita asks should i forgive raman jiju . bala says what question is this ishu , he is ur husvband u have to take decisison whether to forgive him or not , but i will say u one thing he did mistake but he apologised to u right so u have TO FORGIVE HIM . he is waiting for u since the day u left him that is more than on year right . ishu cries . bala consoles her . he says still time is there ishu . he loves u a lot ishu . ishita goes from there crying . she then goes to ruhi . she asks the same to ruhi . ruhi says ishima u can forgive papa because he apologised to u . ishita says ok thanq ruhi , pata hai mein kyun tere pas ayi because i knew my lil ruhi will understand me and give a good suggestion .saying this she hugs ruhi and goes from there. Ishita says everyone are telling me to forgive raman .

At night raman is sleeping on bed peacefully . ishita comes there wid ishra . raman sees this and is about to get up . ishita comes there and pushes raman in bed . she says mein bhi yahan so jaun and sleeps wid ishra in bed . raman happily hugs and kisses her .ishita smiles . she says sorry raman . raman says u should not tell sorry ishita i hurt u a lot this punishment was a l.esson for me i will not shout at anybody without knowing the original truth . ishita says ok ok and hugs him . raman shouts yes i am so happy today . ruhi and adi who were still awake in their room come there . they see raman and ishita hugging each other . adi and ruhi say hume bhul gaye . ishita says aapko kaise bhool jayenge hum aap bhi aa jao .

ruhi goes and hugs ishita and raman . ishra who is seeing all this hugs ishita and raman wid ruhi . ruhi says tum bhi aa gayi . adi says ishima this is too bad . u forgot me after ur daughters came to u and smiles . ishita says meine kab kaha ki vahi ruko tum bhi aa jao . adi says ek selfie ho jaye . ishita says adi tumhe kab se ye selfie ka booth chad gaya . ok take . adi takes a selfie . ishita says bacchon go and sleep it is 10 o clock now . tomorrow we will go for shopping only me ruhi adi and ishra no raman . raman says this is not fair yar . ishita says after shopping we will go to shagun mumma’s house ok and see the baby . shagun mumma called me and said to select any name for baby also . if i take ruhi no she will be helpful . and children can play wid baby also . raman says oh so much planning for tomorrow . i also have a important meeting tomorrow i cant come anyway .

after children go to their room and ishra sleeps raman says i love u ishita . ishita says raman i love u too . talk little slowly or else ishra will get up then u should only make her sleep again . raman says no no good night . ishita laughs .

they sleep peacefully
The next day ishita is getting ready in a beautiful saree . raman comes there ,he says u look beautiful ishita .

At a coffee shop .
Mihika asks why did u call me abhishek that too in coffee shop , in this early morning . abhishek says i have to tell u something important he stammers . mihika smiles .
Abhishek takes a rose out . he closes his eyes and says i love u in a fast way . mihika does not understand . she says what . abhishek still closing his eyes says i love u mihika , i love u very much . mihika is shockes but happy . tum to itne bade police ho par propose karne se darthe ho . i too love u actually . abhishek says really are u seriuous . i thought u will not accept for this . mihika says han if it had been some other boy i would have slapped him . but i really love u . abhishek gives her the rose .mihika smiles

To be continued
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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Such a Beautiful Episode…… Loved it………

  2. jasmine Rahul

    wow bala advised him n ishita 4gave raman.ishra union was beautiful.abhishek proposed mihika n she was so romantic.

  3. please dont use hindhi even if u use just give the english meaning too

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