ishra forever (epi 10 )

A big mansion is shown . a girl is seen throwing all things around her . she then faints . it is none other than our nisha . after nisha faints a man comes and lifts her and puts her on a bed . then he calls the doctor . he talks to the doctor . he says she is the sister of one of the best businessman but she is working as p a doctor u please come no and see her .
doctor says Mr.Khanna she is mentally ill ,admit her in hospital , why don’t u understand she needs to be treated otherwise SHE MAY BE A BIG THREAT TO ALL EVEN U . her parents died ,she saw that wi her own eyes , she went under depression and got this problem . understand mr .khanna . if she wants something please give her right away otherwise she can become a problem for u also . mr.khanna (nisha’s brother ) is shocked . he says so my sister is dangerous and cries . ram khanna was one of the best businessman like raman but his sister nisha sees raman and goes to work under him to make him love her . this is when nisha sees ishita .
at home ishita is thinking whether to forgive raman or not . suddenly two ishita’s come in front of her . one in black dress and one in white dress . it is none other than our ishita’s own mind .
the black ishita says don’t forgive raman , ishita , u came back to bhalla house only for adi ruhi and ishra .

the white ishita says no ishita raman said the words that hurt u in anger . he did not realise what he was saying and told all that in anger . he only mistook u . he thought u left ruhi instead of ishra .but he apologised to u know .
the black ishita says no ishita why did he think like that , he should have not thought bad about u . never ever forgive .

the black ishita and white ishita argue . ishita shouts stop . ishita thinks ishita don’t leave ur bad mind to win over ur good mind and thinks a lot . she then decides i think i should forgive raman . he apologised to me also . ishita thinks i will ask somebody who will not see any partiality between me and raman and then decide whether i should forgive raman or not .
guys this was a small episode again since i was very busy . so please comment . and say who u think the person is who ishita is going to ask .

i will reveal that in next epi . bye bye . silent readers also please comment

Credit to: varshini


  1. Varsha

    Ruhi???? Adi?????.The epi was short but good.Whn I read Mr.Khanna….I thought its Ashok……foolish me.I think Ishu should forgive Raman now…..its too late

  2. varshini

    it is not nisha .
    ok I will give u options . it is
    mrs .bhalla
    whom do u think will support ishita and raman too

    please don’t forget to comment on this ff

    sorry by mistake I kept nisha’s brother’s name as mr. khanna . all woulda have definitely thought a moment that nisha is ashoks sister right .sorry about that

  3. jasmine Rahul

    nisha is a famous business ram khanna’s sis n she worked with raman 2 make him like her?she is mentally ill too?shocking.Ishita is so confused abt 4giving raman.oh..i can bala can help ishita is taking d right decision as he is d only person who is not partial 2wards ishita or raman

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…… I think …….. That Person must be Ishu’s jiju Balachandran………Bcoz,He is even more mature & took wise decisions in such situations………

  5. ude

    Ops its a thrilling moment dr varshi……….love ur ff……….and eagerly waiting for the next episode…….

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