ishra forever (epi 1)


Ishita wakes up ruhi . ruhi beta uto its becoming late now for ur school beta.somebody knocks the door . she goes and sees who is it . it is adi . adi comes inside . he says ishima and hugs her . adi says gar vapas a jao ishima . ishita says adi beta u r big now and u know what papa said to me . i am in the same colony no u come and meet me and ruhi and baby . adi says ya ishima i came to meet baby only . show me no how my lil sis is . ishita goes and brings the baby .adi says ishima she is so cute ,she looks like u ishima, the nose and eyes . ishita says kab tak baby bulate rahenge . we should call her by some name no . what do u think adi what name we will give for baby . adi says Cinderella . ishita says adi tell some hindu names , Cinderella is ok but please give some good name . ruhi gets up and comes there . she says gud morning ishima , good morning adi bhaiya .ruhi says ishima u should keep whatever name i say ok . ruhi says ishita 2 .ishita laughs . she says tell some other name . ruhi says ishra how it is . ishita says it is nice but i don’t know even the meaning of this name then how i will keep this name . ruhi says ishima its meaning is ishita and raman simple . ishita says no the person who insulted my daughter . no it cant be baby’s name ruhi .

After much pleading of ruhi . ishita says ok .
The next day ishita arranges the naming ceremony in her house . she invites adi ,simmi ,toshi ji and bhalla ji . she says strictly raman will not come in daughter’s function . so raman does not come. Ishita dresses up the baby in beautiful skirt and top . ishita keeps the baby in lap while adi and ruhi sit near her . she asks simmi to come . pandit ji asks baby’s bua to keep name . simmi asks what name shall i keep ishita . ruhi says simmi bua ishra . all say ok . simmi says ok ishra . they keep the name ishra . ishita says my ishra and ruhi are the angels god sent me . and hugs ishra and ruhi . after the function gets over all go home .

Mrs.bhalla pleads wid ishita . she says ishita please come back home , don’t be angry wid raman . ishita says i am not angry wid any of u mummy ji raman said me to get out of his house wid my child . i went out . ruhi is more than anything in this world for me . ruhi wanted to come wid me . no body objected me because there was ruhi’s happiness in this . u knew mummy ji that i would take care of ruhi . i don’t know to have partiality between my children mummy ji . ruhi adi and ishra are the same to me . i have never seen them as different from each other . before ishra’s birth and after her birth also , and i can never do that mummy ji . raman thought i could leave ruhi for the sake of ishra . the moment he thought that mummy ji itshows that , he does not consider me as his children’s mother mummy ji . i have cried a lot from the day i left the house mummy ji .agar aap chahti hai ki mein kush rahun please go from here . toshi says ok puttar and goes . ishita cries , ruhi hugs her . ishita says u r the only one who can understand me ruhi . u r my princess dear . from the day i saw u my life changed beta . i love u beta . u will not leave mumma na . ruhi says never ishima .

Precap : manoj asks shagun to marry him . shagun says i was already ready for this marriage manoj . i was waiting for the right time and hugs manoj .

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Ssssssssuuuuuuuuuppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its very nice ptecap is also very nice please continue n I love ishru part

  3. jasmine Rahul

    plz reply on d comment i gave 4 the introduction of this ff

  4. jasmine Rahul

    After Ruhi requested a lot Ishita agreed 2 name d baby as Ishra.1st time i’m seeing Ishra’s baby named as Ishra in a ff.Hats off 2 u 4 that.Ishita invited all bhallas excluding raman 4 d naming ceremony.Ishita refused 2 come back as Raman insulted Ishita is a very strong woman.plz show Raman’s POV in d next epi.missed him 2day

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome………..Loved it sooooooooooooo Muchhhhhhhhh……..

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  7. Wow.. Its superb…

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