ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 13)

OMG!!i luv u guys so much!!never expected such kind of comments..luv u guys!!keep motivating me !!!i can express my happiness..thnq so much!!
And here goes episode 13..

All were set back..and coming on d right track…it was already a week after ishu
birthday..and d closeness Btwn ISHRA were increased..but they both weren’t ready to confess..they both had a doubt on each other it it was just friendship or more than that..

In ishu home..

Ishu:Amma..I’m hungry..pls get me some food..

Amma:ok I’ll prepare..just go and get some milk from outside…

Ishu:ok going..

Ishu starts walking down the lane..and sees Mrs.bhalla..

They both reach the same shop and ask for milk..

Shopkeeper:here madam milk..

Ishu picks it up…

Shopkeeper:oh aunt this is d last packet and it’s done….sorry…

Ishu being generous gives the packet to Mrs Bhalla..

Ishu:aunt..u can take this..plz..
Ishu always wanted to mend her relations with Mrs Bhalla even though they had loads of fight…

Mrs Bhalla:what are u offering me??i can buy it myself …mind ur own business..

Ishu:no aunts ithought I can eat nice to u..cuz we sways fought..I’m sorry for wat all hpnd till now…I’m very sorry..

Mrs Bhalla:do everything and then ask sorry like a small kid..u can never mend ur relationships with me??do u get that??get lost..and I would take that mil packet from a beggar too it not from u..

Ishu starts getting teary eyed….
And walks away…Mihika sees this whole scene..

At home..
Amma:did u get the packet??

Ishu:ya..I did..

Ishu give maybe milk..

Amma:okay come and eat..

Ishu:no Amma it is ok ..I’m not hungry..

Amma:Ishu r u fyn?

Ishu gets teary eyed..
Ishu:I’m telling u know ..nothing hpnd..I don’t want anything..I’m going tony room..

Ishu gets in her room and starts crying picks her phone and starts ringing to Raman..

Ishu:Raman u free can we plz go out..

Raman:ah!ishu sure..wat hpnd..u don’t sound good..

Ishu:Raman u come na..I ll tell u..plz take me from here..

Raman:I’ll b there within 5 mins..come down..


Gets ready and waits down..Raman comes..

Ishu gets in d car..

Raman:hey!madrassan..what hpnd..

Ishu:nothing go and stop near some place..where it’s lonely..


Ishu:I want to jump off from dere that is why..

Raman:why do u want to take extra efforts ..I ll push u!!itz okay..

Ishu gives a killing look..

Raman:then what??tell na wat hpnd???

Stay tuned guys!!

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  1. Wow yaar I am your ff’s new reader…. It’s cool yaar…waiting for next

  2. Peppy! Peppy! Peppy! Finally u ar back! Oh Gosh today episode is fantabulous dr…..
    I was really missing it dr.,………..see now I’m happy happy?????????

  3. Oh… God…. So so so nice…. Loved it….

  4. Oh God……So u r back………Its Awesome……. Really loved it Sooo muchh…….But Plzzzz make it a lil bit long yaar…………….

  5. Why you stopped yaar…..I am really waiting for ur next episode…. Fast yaar plzzzzz?..And I forget to say,its fantastic☺☺

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