Ishra destiny (Intro)

Ishita bhalla dentist Raman bhalla a business man shagun arora ex wife of raman ruhi a 6 year old girl daughter of Raman and shagun Adi son of raman and shagun Mrs bhalla Mother of raman and romi Mr bhalla father of Romi and raman vandu sister of ishita and mihika Romi brother of raman loves mihika sarika ishita best friend ruhi was doing jogging she was thinking to make ishita as her mother as ishita loves ruhi a lot raman and ishita hate each other let’s see if destiny makes them close or far away ishita has some past related with raman since they both were best friends since childhood they were neighbours also mihika and romi were class fellows they both love each other arnav raizada brother of raman and romi kushi sister of ishita Payal best friend of kushi and ishita mihir loves Payal ishra destinyarnav a business man khusi an employee in asr .

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice plot……I like it……go ahead……..

  2. Plz comment should I continue this story or not its my first time so plz support

  3. Yes nice but i cant understand one thing who is asr and wat is he related to ishitha and how come raman and shagun got married pls ans my que

  4. Asr is arnav and there is a past connected with it I wanted to make a suspense raman married shagun due to some consequences if you like it plz tell I will continue

  5. Asr is arnav singh raizada from ipkknd

  6. good . please continue

  7. Its good .. Continue.. But make it a bit more clear with fullstops and spaces..
    A little confusing…

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