ISHRA-I cant live without you epi 3

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Let’s begin
Three girls are playing in a house they are pihu ananya and shitija
Vandu:shitija you did your homework baby
Shitija:yes amma
Ananya:oh no I forgot to do my English homework now mumma will shout pihu you play I’m going bye ananya bye Vandu aunty
Vandu:bye beta
Pihu became sad
Pihu:shitija I also have some work I will come after sometime bye
Shitija:bye pihu
Then pihu comes out of iyers house and goes in bhalla house then she directly goes in her room
Pihu opens a cupboard and removes a photo and crys seeing it
Pihu:mumma I miss you a lot I can’t tell this to papa because he is angry with you but I know that he also misses you a lot why you left all of us mumma and she cry a for sometime and goes to sleep while crying only
Raman who was hearing all this from outside came inside and sat near pihu
Raman:pihu beta i know you miss your mumma a lot you could not even see her once I’m sorry beta it’s all my fault if I would have not blamed her for ruhi’s death then she would be here with you with me and he crys
After sometime he goes to his room and sleeps not knowing that what the next day will bring him
Next morning
In mani house
Ishita:mani come fast we are getting late for the deal
Mani:yes ishu coming
They both sit for breakfast
Mani:ishu where is alia
Ishu:she has gone for work she has been selected as ruhaans pa and she was so excited about it
Mani:yeah she is so crazy about ruhaan
Ishu:anyways what is the company’s name with whom we are dealing and any details
Mani:well the company’s name is pihu industrial
Ishu(smiling):pihu nice name I feel connected to it
Mani:ok Ishu now we are getting late come fast
Then they both sit in their car and go towards pihu industrial
Scene shifts to a hotel
Alia Knicks on a door
Alia:May I come in
Person:come in
Alia:hi ruhann I’m a big fan of yours and I’m your new pa
Yes the person is ruhaan aka ruhi
Ruhaan:thank you so what is your name
Alia:my name is alia
Ruhaan:nice name
Just then alia gets a call
Alia attends the call:yes Amma i had my breakfast and I’m fine don’t worry
She disconnects the call
Alia:sorry ruhaan actually it was my Amma phone she is always worried about me
Ruhaan gets emotional remembering her ishima
Ruhaan yeah it’s okay I understand well what is your Amma name
Alia:her name is
Suddenly there is a knock on the door
Ruhaan:come in
Nupur:ruhaan its show time come we are getting late
Then ruhaan and alia leave for the concert hall
Scene shifts to pihu industrial
Ishita and mani enter the office
Ishu(to the receptionist):excuse can you pls tell tell the boss that Mr raghav has come
Receptionist :one minute man
Receptionist:sorry man actually sir is a little busy you can do meeting with the CEO
Receptionist takes them to a cabin and tells them to wait the CEO is coming
Ishu:I hope the deal gets finalized
Mani:me too
Then a man enters the office and receptionist tells
Receptionist :sir Mr raghav has come to finalize the deal
Man:ok I’ll see to it
Then the man goes towards the cabin where ishita is sitting
The man opens the door and ishita sees the man
Ishita and the man both get shocked seeing each other

Precap: man revealed and some more drama

Guys pls comment or I will have to end it

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