ISHRA- I cant live without you (epi 2)


Let’s begin

Next morning bhalla house
A lady is shouting pihu puttar get up fast today is the first day of school
Pihu:offo Dadi sone do na
Toshi:no no you will get late for school take your bath fast then chachi will make you ready
Pihu:ok Dadi
In a mansion in Australia
Lady:get up you sleepy head how much you will sleep
Girl:five minutes mam
Niddhi:no way ruhi don’t you remember you have to go to India for a concert
Yes you are right the lady is Niddhi and the girl is ruhi
Ruhi gets up and goes to the washroom and Niddhi goes out from her room telling her get ready fast otherwise you know what will happen

After sometime ruhi comes out of the washroom gets ready and sits on the bed
Ruhi(monologue):why ishima why you did this to me I don’t know but I know one thing that I still love you a lot and I hope you also love me.
After what you did with me I should hate you but I know you would have some problem that why you gave me to Niddhi but I promise ishima now I’m coming to India no now I will never come come here that Niddhi thinks that I hate you and papa but I love you both a lot
Scene shifts to pihu’s room
A lady enters
Lady:pihu beta very good you wore your uniform come I will make your pleats
Pihu:ok mihika chachi
Yes the lady is mihika and pihu calls her chachi
After ishita death and ruhi death(according to their family)mihika daily used to come to bhalla house to look after pihu and the family in this process romi and mihika fell in love with each other and both the families agreed then they married
Pihu was looking sad
Mihika:what happen pihu why you are sad
Pihu:nothing I’m just missing mumma
Mihika:pihu don’t be sad otherwise your mumma will also be sad no
Pihu:ok chachi and she smiled
Adi:come pihu you are getting late
Thaen adi takes pihu and ananya to school

In the evening
Australia airport
Ishita mani aliya and ruhi are in the same flight Niddhi didn’t come because of some reasons but she strictly told ruhi not to reveal her identity to anyone
Ruhi didn’t saw ishita but ishita saw her but didn’t recognize her as she dressed as a boy but ishita felt connected to her by seeing her mole

In the night
Delhi airport
The flight landed and ishita mani and alia went to mani’s Delhi house and they slept after dinner because they were tired while ruhi went to a hotel
A hose is shown three girls are playing one is pihu second is ananya and third is shitija (bala and candy daughter)

In my ff iyers and bhallas are not fighting with each other they are living like they lived before only ishita is not there

Credit to: Sumi

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