ISHRA- I cant live without you (epi 1)


Hi guys this my second ff I am already writing a ff on raglak but I could not stop myself from writing this ff
So my story begins after the leap
A house is shown
A girl is running in that house and a woman is running behind her
Woman:beta pls drink the milk pls pihu baby
Yes the girl is pihu
Pihu:no shagun mamma I don’t want to drink milk I don’t like it
Yup you are right the second woman is shagun
Just then a man enters the house
Man:what happen pihu why you are running

Pihu:manoj uncle shagun mumma is forcing me to drink milk
Yes the man is manoj
Manoj:pihu beta pls drink the milk otherwise your ishima will be upset
Hearing ishima’s name pihu takes the glass and drinks the milk
Then a little boy of around 5 years comes
Boy:pihu di play with me no today you are going to your house no
Pihu:ok baba come manas

Man as is shagun and manoj son
Pihu had come to stay with her shagun mumma for some days and pihu knows about ishita and loves and misses her a lot
Then a man and a bit enters the house
Man and boy:pihu pihu share are you princess
Then pihu comes and hugs them both and tells
Pihu :papa ad I bhaiya I miss you both so much
Raman and adi:we also missed you pihu
Raman:now come pihu we are getting late
Manoj comes with pihu bag and gives it to Raman
Raman:I hope pihu didn’t trouble you
Shagun:no not all she is very nice

Then Raman adi and pihu left for bhalla house
Scene shifts to a beautiful house
A lady is making breakfast
Lady:mani Aliya come fast breakfast is ready
The lady turns and she is none other than ishita
Mani:Oahu we have to go to India for a deal
Ishita face turn pale
Ishita:ok no problem
Mani:ishu till when you will run from your past you came to Austria but you still miss your family right
Ishita:it’s ok mani I’m ready to go India you book the tickets
Just then aliya comes talking on phone

Alia:wowww that’s a great news yes sure I will try my best yeah ok bye
Ishita:appa I’m so happy we are going to Delhi and guess what there is live concert of ruhaan a I have the tickets
Ishuta:so what alia it’s not the first time you are visiting ruhaans concerts
Alia:yes Amma but still love his concerts very much
Mani:ishu I have booked the tickets for tomorrow evening so back your bags we have to stay there for sometime

Precap:ishita meets her family

Guys pls comment if you liked it and want me to continue this ff

Credit to: Sumi

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  1. Superb continue

  2. Nivedha

    Ya pls continue its nice… Where is Ruhi?

  3. Its nice continue pls

  4. Thank you so much guys and ruhi’s entry will soon come

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