IshRa: Burning In Love (Part-5 Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Sitam)

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Chapter- 5 Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Sitam…:
I smiled as I searched for Sanjana but she was nowhere to be found. Yup I was world’s best mother who killed her own son. Suddenly the lights were turned on and I saw a girl in yellow shirt and white lower standing in front of me , her face was covered with a bouquet of Lilies ,I recognized her at once to be……
“ Congratulations aunty…” She said as she handed me the bouquet.
“Anchal , you here?? You were to come after 1 month na??” I asked surprised while hugging her and she smiled , “ Aunty , actually , My brother is coming here to London , he’s my cousin brother so need to do arrangements for him to come so Ma send me……….but its good na , I got to know about your success.”
“Its not some success beta , just got selected but you were the best surprise that could happen to me….” I said breaking the hug while she passed me that big wali smile of her.
“ I know , you got your lovely lady , I am nothing….” I heard a voice from behind while I turned to see Sanjana staring at me with tomato red angry cheeks.
“ Arey…you drama queen , I am meeting aunty after 1 month , you are important or me…” Anchal said coming in front of me trying to defend me.
“ Arey , you drama queen….I am her daughter who did all this for her , you are important or me…??” Sanjana said coming towards us.
“ Arey , you both are important to me…..” I said as I hugged Anchal and also took Sanjana in embrace side by side.
“ Mumma………Ishi Aunty…….” They both said with twinkling eyes hugging me tighty.
“ And I??” Mani asked from the other side with a cute pout , they both ran to him leaving me and hugging him while I smiled seeing the three.

Raman’s POV:
“ So hows the food??” I asked smiling and sitting on the chair with them.
“ Raman…you know you aren’t good in cooking , still you disturbed the whole Hotel staff for your cooking….I wonder how the kitchen must be looking…” Shagun said as she saw the plate of gajar ka Halwa kept in front of her.
“ Much better than the last time I cooked Shagun , they should be grateful and so should be you…I specially cooked to give you both a party…” I said as I took a spoonful of the Halwa.
“ Aaaaaaaaaaaa…….” Ruh opened her mouth while I feed her the spoon.
“ Tasty….” My Ruh said with a smile , I smiled and passed a ‘I am the best’ look to Shagun while she passed me a ‘Whatever’ look and took a spoonful of the Halwa.
“ Ok , Ok hai….” She said as she filled it in her stomach, as she said so she had that Twinkle in her eyes and then I passed her a crazy smile , she couldn’t resist smiling and so she did…she smiled.
“ Acha…..its tasty….very very tasty….” Shagun said smiling while a small blush stained her cheeks.

Mysterious Man’s POV:
“ I won’t do anything you demand , get this into your brain and stop disturbing me time and again…” I said as I came outside Ishi Ma’s house , I looked at the house and automatically a smile came on my lips.
“ Ok , then get ready to face what your father did…..” I heard the voice from the other side , The gun shot ‘s sound struck my ear and I was brought back to that day , that day when……….when Adi died and Aditya Raichand was born from Adi.
“ You know how to make me do something , I’ll do what you want but understand it , one day will come when the ball would be in my court and I promise that would be the worst day of your life……..” I said as I was walking outside the house looking at it through all angles when suddenly someone stood on my foot.
“ Ah…………” I dropped my phone , A girl looked at me and almost screamed.
“ Ahhhhhhh…….” I continued screaming while she suddenly picked up her foot from my foot.
“ Sorry…” She said biting her tongue , I looked at her …angrily.
“ Sorry , Bhagwanji Ji ki Kasam , I didn’t do it purposely….” She continued while I looked towards the Phone which was in pieces on the floor.
“ Whatever……” I said as I sat on floor picking up my phone but suddenly I saw someone’s feet , A saree was visible to me and suddenly I raised my eyelashes.
“ Maa……..” I said slowly while the lady looked at me with a rather calm look , I stood up and looked at her.
“ Anchal….what…….you forgot your car keys na, why you screamed??” The lady asked that girl holding her cheeks.
“ Aunty , actually By mistake I stepped on his foot , I was chatting with Sanju and didn’t see him…” She said with some innocence, Too Innocent to handle.
“ Sorry beta , these girls , you know…..they…..chatting….this chatting na….(To that girl) .you just talked with Sanju inside na then??” Ishi Maa scolded her. I looked at her and I don’t know when tears themselves came into my eyes , “ No Problem , mistake was mine too…” I could hardly say controlling my emotions while I ran away from the place without saying a word next…I hid myself in the bushes of the house while I saw the girl going and Ishima standing there…………….smiling.

Writer’s POV:
Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Sitam….
Rasste Badle Unke Jo Chalte The Sath Har Kadam…

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