IshRa: Burning In Love (Part-1 Mission Meeting)


Note:- This FF is not at all related to the actual show , completely different.

Her POV:
I was standing there backstage, I was really worried, No it wasn’t the first time, neither was it my first performance but every time I performed, for me, It was like the first time I would dance, this feeling always scared me but at the same time made me feel good, I would again dance forgetting the world and just living in my dance, dance was my first love , Maybe is last too…

His POV:
I was continuously staring at Ishita , she had a smile on her lips , the only accessory she wore at the very moment and yet this accessory alone made her look the most beautiful girl in the world , though I knew this accessory wouldn’t be their forever but how I wished that it would stay on even after the performance ends , but it isn’t possible…………………………………………….. seeing her no one would say that how much pain is hidden behind those smiling lips , how many tears those twinkling eyes have shed in the past , her heart broken into pieces but yet she was living , or should I say she was forced to live , I know her since we both were in schoo………..
“ Mani , what Its my performance , won’t you even wish me luck????” Ishita asked coming in front of me making a pout snapping me out of my thoughts.
“ No , no, I am sorry Ishu………” I was saying when she again stopped me ….

“ Sorry…….you need to wish me luck yaar Mani…”
“ Ok , I am Sor……I mean All the Best…..” I said biting my tongue.
“ Thats like my Mani….” She said as she went on the stage not before she pulled my cheeks.
“ Ishu…..” I was left saying but she had already gone.
Writer’s POV:
Ishita came on the dance floor while Mani went and sat in the audience , she had that smile on her lips while she stared at Mani sitting in the audience.
The song started as Ishita took her position.
Nara na…naa
Na ra na ra ne na ra na
Na ra na ra na nana
Nara nara nara nara
Nara ne…
Ishita’s POV:
I closed my eyes , I listened to my Heart beat making it my tune and dancing not on the beats of song but on the beat of my heart…
Juki teri palkon mein
Mil jaaye mujhe panaah
Palkein gire aasu bhari
Reh jaaye mere nishaan

My heart beat gave me a reason to dance because he was within my heart , within my heartbeat and his presence was the reason for my dance…This song was his , this heartbeat was his, My everything was his…
I turned to face the audience with a smiling face , these 2 minutes of dance were the best moment of my life and I wanted to live them happily , I opened my eyes to face everyone sitting in front of me, the first person whom I saw was Mani , My best friend… I turned my gaze to face other people , My eyes just stopped at a person coming inside the hall talking on phone …………Ra……………………..RAMAN……….
Tute dil ki mat kar
Tu fikar mere humnava
Pyaar doon tujhko is kadar
Reh jaaye mere nishaan

Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan
I was still dancing but his face seemed to haunt me , my past came flashing in front of my eyes as I lost contact with my heart , Yes , he was the one who was my heart beat but he can only be my heartbeat , only remain in my heart , No in my life , Not at any cost…

Raman’s POV:
As I was talking to Shagun on phone , my eyes went on the stage , I had entered the hall where Shagun directed me to enter but there was no sign of her so I had called her but as the Phone was ringing my eye went on the stage and a girl dancing there , her face was turned towards the other side but something about her attracted me , I kept the phone in my pocket and as I moved forward towards her , she turned , My world seemed to stop as I saw her…………………… “ ISHITA……”
Khakh mein mil javu main
Jaise ke ek lamha
Aa lagja sine se
Banja mera rehnuma

She too was staring at me , it felt that she had already seen me before turning , her eyes had tears , those tears which I promised her that I would never allow to come in her eyes but yet I was the only always responsible for those tears…….
Dekhta hua sapne tere
Sun le meri jaane ja
Khwab ye sach ho jaaye
Agar khuda ho meherban

Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Na ra na ra ne na ra na
Na ra na ra na nana
Nara nara nara nara
Nara ne…
Ishita’s POV:
I hate you Raman , you were responsible for everything that happened in my life 8 years , you broke my happy family , you broke my world but now I won’t let you break my dance , My dreams , 8 years ago I had put my dreams on stake for you but now , you are nothing to me , this relationship of hatred that I share with you is and is just for my son , for My Adi , he was the one who had bound us together and he is the one who had bound us together , I won’t forgive you , I won’t forgive you for what you did to me , I hate you , I hate you……
Writer’s POV:
Ishita was still dancing but not with that graceful smile which she always had while dancing but with anger , she danced not to express how happy she was but to express how angry she was…..
Sajde mein tere sar jukta bas
Chahat ki hain ye dastaan
Ruth gaya mera rab jo mujhse
Toh mita de voh mere nishaan

Raman was staring at her as he broke into pieces from within , he wanted to cry his heart out but he couldn’t , the pain of love was the one that was with him for the time and this pain seemed to kill him from inside….
“ If Shagun comes, tell her I am in my room…..” He said to his guard and went out .
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan

Ishita stared at him going , “ That day I ran away Raman and today you……I ran away because of you but you , you always because of yourself…….”
As she completed her performance she went inside.
Mani’s POV :
Ishita , something has happened , I need to go , she was crying , her dance brought smile on her face , today it brought sadness , anger , how is this possible , I need to ask Ishita , I need to………

Writer’s POV:
Mani ran backstage and stared at Ishita who was sitting on a chair totally lost , detached from what was going around her , her eyes were red and her face was blank.
“ Ishita……” Mani said as he kept a hand on Ishita’s shoulder.
Ishita was pulled out of her thoughts as she stared at Mani , she took deep breaths as she tried to change her mood , “ Mani…….Mani , he came here , he came here , how can he , How he came to know that I am here in London , Mani……Mani…..” Ishita said as she hugged him tightly.

Mani’s POV:

She was my life , My reason to live , I knew her since we were in school or should I say , I loved her since we were in School, I was a shy boy who was never able to express myself and so I couldn’t ………destiny played its game and I came to London for my collage studies leaving Ishita and My love for her behind , I did return but it was too late , she was in Love , Not with me but with Raman , They both were like Tom and Jerry always fighting but as they say , the one with whom we fight the most is the one whom we love the most , Ishita-Raman got married , I was happy , seeing my love happy but Raman , he betrayed Ishita , I don’t know what he did but I just know that 11 Years after their marriage when one day Ishita called me and told me that she wanted to divorce Raman , I was the lawyer who got their Divorce papers ready , Their 10 years old son Adi and their 3 months old daughter Ruhi , I don’t know what happened to them , I never asked Ishita , she loved Raman too much to leave him and if she did , there had to be some reason , as Ishita send the Divorce papers the next day Raman send them back, SIGNED , Ishita didn’t wanted to fight for her children’s custody , I don’t know why but she just cried , for so many days i just saw her crying , Blank , depressed , not knowing anything , she was broken , she didn’t divorced Raman , she divorced her happiness , I brought her to London to start afresh and today she is the sensation of London , over the years , she had learned to smile , forgetting her pain but today , today again I saw that Ishita whom I had seen that Night , the night she came to me crying , ready to divorce Raman , as she hugged me , I too hugged her more tightly……. “Ishita…..” I could only say…..

Shagun’s POV:
I am waiting here for Raman from past half an hour and he , he doesn’t care , I told him to come to the music room , he must have entered some other room , this man I say , Bhulakar , after Ishita went he………………………………….Ishita , If Ishita would have been here , she would have held his ears and dragged him up to the correct room and he , he would have never forgot the way to this room after that , where you went Ishita , leaving your Raman , Leaving your Ruhi…………….
Writer’s POV:
Shagun stood there waiting for Raman as someone outside the room in a black coat caught her attention , “ Raman…… where he is going???” Shagun thought as she saw him walking past the room. She ran outside up to him and touched his shoulder from back , He turned only to leave her shocked.

“ Raman , you were crying???”
“ No shagun , I think must have went into my eyes , leave it , I tried searching so much for you , where were you……???” Raman asked avoiding any eye contact.
“ don’t lie Raman , you were crying , tell me why….” Shagun asked placing her hand on his shoulder.
“ SHAGUN……” Raman said angrily but he could complete….
“ she is here Shagun , Ishita , she is in London…..” Raman said as he hugged Shagun crying.
Shagun was shocked for a second but then a smile occupied her lips , she broke the hug and stared at him , “ Ishita , Ishu , she is here…….????? Raman , why are you crying , be happy , she is here…….. I can’t believe it , where is she?”
Shagun starts moving around in the corridor holding Raman’s shoulder dragging him , Raman was too shocked to reply.
“ You know Raman , I was searching for her from years , She is here , she is here……….” Shagun said as she still dragged him.
As soon as Raman realized what was happening , he stopped shagun.
“ Shagun , No , I can’t meet Ishita, I can’t , You can’t …..”
“ But why Raman….???” Shagun said jerking his hand angrily.
“ Because I don’t want to meet her , I don’t want you to meet her ……” Raman replied angrily.
Shagun stared at him shocked , “ RAMAN……”
Raman left the scenario angrily while Shagun stared at him going , tears occupying her eyelids.
Someone is seen staring at Shagun.
Unknown Person’s POV:
I am sorry Shagun Maa , Its all because of me , Ishi ma and Papa are separated because of me , But don’t worry , I won’t let them suffer because of me , My destiny is written , I need to stay away from all of you but I won’t let my Papa and Ma to be separated for more time , they will meet , they need to meet , for me , for my happiness , they are my parents , I am away from them but I know I am always in their heart just the way they are in my heart , My first mission is complete , Mission Meeting and now these meetings will take place daily, they will unite , just the way you wish.

Writer’s POV:
The unknown person is seen smiling though his eyes are clustered with tears. Happiness and sadness together in his life……..
Note:- Aditya here is played by Shivin Narang and Ruhi by Ruhanika Dhawan.
Hope you all support me in this ff.

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    1. Piyali

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