ISHRA is the best (intro)

Hey guys!I really love yhm and especially ishra/divan…..They r just awesome!!!!Everyone knows that yhm make take a leap anytime which I really really don’t want to happen.I don’t want ruhi baby to leave the show and replaced by some other actress and ishra in their old ages 🙁 But I wuld lke to write a story of just a 10 yrs leap and the best part is that ishra wont b separated but will stay together with shagun.This is just an intro and I will upload the 1st epi by this evening.

ISHITA:She has same character just like now.She found a new friend whch is shagun.She is happy with her family.
RAMAN:Started to love his family even more than now.
SHAGUN:stays with the bhallas and is the new friend/sister for ishita.She decided to stay single but mingle with the bhallas and iyers as a family member.
ADI:a 23 year young and handsome business man who can do anything for his 2 mothers whom he love very much.
RUHI:A 18 yr old young girls who loves her ishimaa just like she does now.
RISHI:A10 yr old boy of raman and ishita(the surrogate child) who is very naughty but loves his family very much
ROHAN:A 10 yr old boy and ishra’s son(the baby from ishita) who is naught just like his brothers rishi and rohit.
SHRAVAN:Same age as ruhi but have grown closer to adi in the 10 yrs.
SHITIJA:cant tolerate rishi,rohan and rohit.Even though she is 10,she is bold just like her mother vandita.she is close to ruhi.They consider themselves and friends more than sisters.
ASHOK:the same evil man who wants to ruin raman’s family even after he deserved the punishment for hs misdeeds.

This are the main characters in my ff but the others are still in wth minor roles.Hpe u guys like it!I wll continue with my ff if I get positive comments and ur responses are my strength.

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  1. Awww thats so sweet story

  2. Nice story yaar ….please update next episode soon

  3. Rithika superb few places u had said about rohit.. Who is rohit?? Did u mean adi?

    1. Its romika’s son

    2. Well I know..was just joking..felt so bored.. What’s his age after leap?? He is not specified …

      1. Pls update 1st part soon rithika..

  4. Gud keep writing but I have a request if ishu n shagun are friends its OK but please shagun and ishu in same house please know n diya rohit is romi’s son

  5. Its rom n sarika’s son

  6. Nice introduction….please update regularly…

  7. very nice yaar

  8. Ya nice please update it yaar

  9. its rly gud….if u dnt mynd …ananya s missng..whr s she?

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