ISHRA is the best (chapter9)


scene1:adi introduces meera to raman
adi:ths is meera ghosh…my friend
raman nods:what abt her
adi:papa she needs a job.Her famly is…
raman:i get it!Last month mr davd resigned his job right!Let her stay in it
meera:but u didn’t c my certs
raman:u r my son’s fren so its ok
meera:tnq sir
raman:come to office tmr and start ur work
she thanks him and leaves
adi is looking at meera
raman:lets leave early 2day!
raman:i decided to bring uall for dnner today
adi:great!lets go to Chinese rest…nono!ishimaa cant eat…lets go…
raman:lets decide later!now ifv do not finsh work early and go home early…madarasan will get angry
adi smles:ok

scene2:ishra and the kids get ready.they leave
tohiji:my kids r going out after a long time…
amma:yes!ishu s eally happy
toshiji:mata rani!bless my kids that they stay happy always
rohan and rishi argue.
adi:wht now guys?
rishi:i will sit in front
rohan:i wll sit in front
ruhi:relax!let papa solve it
rishi:i am elder so I get to sit n front
adi:hmm…in that case I must sit in front
raman:wait!the place is always for my 1st child
adi:ha!see I am the one
he goes to the door and raman stops him
raman:its not u!
raman looks at ishta:i was talking abt ishita
ishita blushes
adi:so ishimaa took m place
raman:she took it 12 yrs ago adi!
ishu:nothing like that…now decide who s going to sit n front
rs:v will sit in the back wth adi bhaiya and ruhi di
they leave in the car

scene3:ashok comes to he coffee shop.shagun is alr waiting there
ashok looks around and moves to her.his ph rings
ashok:ok I will b there…5mins
he places the letter on a table.He calls a waiter
ashok:give this letter to that person
waiter ok
ashok signs and leaves
shagun receives the letter.her ph rings
shagun:y didn’t u meet me?
shagun:what imp work?i want to talk to u!hello…idiot!

scene4:shagun comes home and goes to hher room
toshiji:shagun?r u ok?
shagun doesn’t her her n goes
toshiji:she is tensed for past 2 days
she reads the letter and smles…
shagun:this time it will happen! promise u and there will not b any drama!

precap:ashok calls raman and says u r being watched raman!Raman gets shocked and looks at ishu who is enjoying wth the kids.Shagun comes to the same restaurant and smiles.

sry for the short update guys!i will update a longer 1 tmr…

Credit to: Rithika

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  1. Very interesting…please reveal the suspence soon…anyway how are you now…

  2. Shagun evil again

  3. actually your ff is better than the actual show

  4. Super rithika its very nice update soon nxt chapter

  5. hey guys!I am fine…I wont b uploading the next part until 4 jan cos telly updates will no allow submissions till then due to holidays…So wait for my update till then!nd I wll try to upload 2 chaps on that day… 🙂
    Enjoy ur holidays and happy new in advance to all!! 😉

    1. Happy new year n take care

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