ISHRA is the best (chapter8)


sry for l8 update…And thx for the comments and I am fine…

scene1:ashok calls his informer
ashok:look!I arranged u because u do these jobs well!First I gave u 1 big job and u did it…Now this is even bigger job!Make sure u do it
ashok:ok!keep me updated
he ends call and smiles
ashok:raman,ishita and shagun!U guys will b save only after u die

scene2:the iyers and bhallas have dinner.Raman looks at the 3rs.
raman:sorry guys!
rohit:tauji!U only need to apologise to these 2
rohit:i forgot everything!
toshiji:he is just like his dad!
rohan talk to rohit(only audible to them):what is wrng with u?did the ball hit ur head accidently?
rohit:no yaar!If v r gd then v will get our toys back!
rishi and rohit grin.Ishita looks at them and smile
ishu:if u think tha v will return back ur toys,then keep on thinking
adi:yes ishimaa!n their age I was studying.not playing
bala:yes!I know how challenging it was to teach u!
rohan and rishi go to their room and raman follows them.

scene3:a man comes to see ashok and gives him a letter.ashok call the number in it
ashok:sooraj its me
ashok:ashok!ur brother
ashok:cant u recognise my voice
sooraj:i can only recognise humans voice!not animals!
sooraj:what do u want now?
ashok:i am back
ashok:i cant live in a small apartment yaar!come back to india!the watchman doesn’t even allow me into our house!
sooraj:i told him not to
sooraj:i am peaceful here!now just end the all!
sooraj ends the call
ashok:my brother doesn’t even listen to me!Its all becos of that ramn!
he fumes and crushes the paper.he calls the informer and tells the place where they need to meet
ashok:meet me at the coffee shop tmr morning!B there sharp…I will tell u the next plan

scene4:ishu comes to raman
ishu:what did u do?the 2 were happy
raman:i told them that v r going outing tmr!
raman:yes!u me and our 4 children!Ask shagun if she is coming!
ishu:wah!raavan kumar is back!
raman:i was always raavan for u meri jhans ki rani
he holds her close but toshiji calls ishita.she leaves
raman:arrey yaar!They wont let me b happy!

toshiji:ishita puttar!get ready tmr v r going to mandir
ishu tells about the outing
toshiji:accha!its ok ishita!u go.its been long since u went out with raman and the children
ishu:i will tell shagun
she goes to shagun’s room and shagun is talking to someone
shagun:ok I will meet u there tmr
shagun ends the call and turns
ishu:sry!i will come later
shagun:no its ok!tell me
she tells abt ramans plan and ask if she is coming
shagun thinks abt the meeting:no ishita!u go with them.I will join u guys some other time
ishita leaves and thinks why shagun is tensed

precap:ashok looks at his informer in the shop and leaves a letter on the table beside him.Later shagun comes home and reads a letter and smiles.adi introduces meera to raman in the office.

Credit to: Rithika

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  1. I was waiting for ur ff

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  3. How are you rithika? Very nice episode… I think informer is sarika

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    I think the informer is not shagun..
    Coz u wouldn’t reveal it so soon..
    I think u r going to show a big twist

  5. Askok has anger on shagun and he is going to destroy her..
    So the informer is not shagun

  6. I don’t think the informer is shagun

  7. Nice ff…Update it soon

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