ISHRA is the best (chapter7)

ey guys!I am back and I know that u all r angry with me for not updating for so long.I was unable to do so cos I met with an accident and fracture my leg like DT and so my hand!I was in the hospital for nearly 2 week and they didn’t even allow me to hear songs 🙁 I left yhm and now I am lost…The last epi I saw was shita trying to save raman and they hang down a tree.So can someone pls update me on the episode…Plspls!Ok anyways I will update chap7…Sry once agn guys!!!

small preca of chap6:Raman consoles ishita abt ashok.Pathak tells abhishek that ashok did something fishy to come out soon and they .need to find out that.In the hospital,adi bumps into his friend meera and adi falls for her.

scene1:Ad and meera r in the coffee shop.
meera:what do u men adi?
adi:u wanted to work in a n office right?
adi:so cme to my office and I will take u in!
adi nods
meera:thx so much adi!
adi:ur welcome
meera:now no prob…I will resign my nurse job!
adi:here is my card!Cme tmr!
he gives his card to meera and she leaves.Adi looks at her and smiles

scene2:raman is in the office when someone knocks on the door
raman:come in
ashok:raman bhalla
niti(receptionist):Sir he just came in…
raman:its ok u leave
ashok:how r u raman?
raman stares at him
ashok:i am not here to talk to u but warn u!
raman:abt what?
ashok:try to save your life!
ashok:last time I told shagun and she did that stupid drama with ur wife!
raman:whats ur problem?
ashok:so this time I came to warn u abt saveing yourself.Protect ur family!Ur wife,ur children and shagun!I wont leave anyone of u!
raman smiles
ashok:u r smilng now but will cry later!For losing ur children!For losing ur ishita!
ashok challenges rman
ashok:u will soon b like me raman bhalla!
he leaves and raman amacks the table.

scene3:adi is in his room thinking abt meera.shravu and ruhi come there.
shravu:bhaiya!Lets go…Where to go ruhi?
ruhi:offo shravu!V r not gong anywhere but cleaning up the kids room
shravu:hah!Not cleaning but findng something to trap them!
shravu:lets go do t adi bhaiy…
adi is dreaming.the 2 of them look at him
shravu:wait…Adi bhaiya,ishimaa had called someone to find a girl for u!
adi stumbles from his chair and looks at shravu
shravu:back to reality!Come lets go!
ruhi:Kya hua adi bhaiya?Wonderland with wonderwoman?
shravu:dreamwoman ruhi!
they laugh and adi smiles at them thinking abt meera

scene4:the 3rs r playing cricket inside the house
toshiji:oi!Stupd fellows!Ur father built a big house and u guys r stillplaying inside!
the 3rs shout and continue plaing
amma:aiyoo!murugan!Enna nadakuthu?Kya ua?
ishu and shagun in the kitchen
shagun:ishita they started agn!
ishu:just look what iam going to do!
the 2 of them come out and c all the thngs broken
ishita:omg!Whats all this?
amma:aiyoo ishu!These kids broke everything!
ishita scolds them but the r not listening
rohit hits the ball and it comes to hit shagun but raman comes and catches t
the 3rs stop playing.
raman scolds them and isita s shocked abt his behaviour
raman:whats wrong with u 3?U r not 3 or 4 yr olds!Just look at what have u done!
shravu,adi and ruhi cme down
adi:oh no!What happened to this place…?
rohan:sorry papa…
raman:shut up!
ishita:keep quiet!U and shagun r to b blamed!
toshitji:y r they bkamed?
raman:u too!everyone in the house!
ishu:raman u go to the room…
raman:whatever!But I don’t want to c these things happening agn!Ask these3 to clear these mess!
he leaves angrly and ishu looks at him.
ishu:u 3 better clear this and no on shuld help them
she follows raman
shagun:what r u looking at carry on!
3rs glare at her
shagun:shravan!take the bat and ball from them and lock it in the store room
she looks at them:together with the other stuff!
shravu and adi hi-fi each other.
the3rs start their work

scene5:ishra in the rooms
ishu:raman what happen?
ishu:u did not shout at the kids lik this b4
raman:just cant take it ishita!Thats too much
shu:they did worst then this…Broke adi’s hand…
raman:its not them
ishu looks at him
raman:its ashok!
raman:he came to offce 2day!
raman tells ishita everything
ishu:raman,dont worry!He culdnt do anything last time!U think he can do like that now?
raman:u and shagun did a lot for me!What will I do if anything happens to u both.Our kids
he cries and ishita consoles him

scene6:ashok is in a local bar
ashok:i wasdrinking foreign drinks!But now!Raman bhalla…u r done!Ishita shagun abhishek…everyone!
he braks the glass and the man scolds him.
man:what r u thinking!Y did u break the glass
ashok:i will pay for it now get lost!
man:u better pay!
ashok:raman,this time there is really an informer among u guys!Which I will not tell u!This time its real!But now my nformer is really really close to u!Close to raman bhalla!U will b watched raman.Ur every move.Not only u everyone!U r done raman!

precap:the famly is having dinner and raman looks at the 3rs who r angry wth him.He apologises to them but they r not ready.Raman tells ishita that she decided to bring rohan and rishi out for sometime and ask her,adi and ruhi to come as well.

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  1. Nice epi.. How are you now Rithika? Take care of your health… Get well soon.. Yhm is progressing gud.. Ashok trying to make ishu to end their ghost drama…by sending her to original tantric.. Trying to kill Shagun etc., Now shagun jumped in river ishu came to save shagun get bitten by croc.. Let see wat happens… U take care rithika..

  2. Ohhh dear…I am happy that you are back…but take care of yourself….mere saath bhi last year ek aisa accident ho chuka hai and usmein meri leg mein major fractures hue the….mein 20 days hospital mein admit thi….I know the pain….please take care of yourself…..and u can check this site for previous episodes date….get well soon…..and if possible then please update next part..

  3. Finally ur back…Missed ur ff so much…And as usual update is awesome…

  4. How r u now?Sorry forgot to ask..

  5. Take care …
    Health is much important.. Hope u r good..
    And I am glad that u r continuing ur ff..

  6. Interesting epi…
    But who is the informer very very very close to Raman…
    If its very close to Raman in home it’s only ishita shagun aur Mrs.bhalla..
    If in office its just mihir…
    Eager to knw abt the informer

    1. Varsha informer revealed… Its sarika..

      1. Sorry I thought you asked about real yhm.. Sorry Varsha.. I misunderstood

      2. Sorry

    2. Its OK no prob

  7. Get well soon ;-(
    your epi is nice

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