ISHRA is the best (chapter12)


hello everyone…U still remember this page?Well this is ff on the 10yr leap in yhm and my sister had been doing it. But sadly she had not been well for a few days, actually months! She really had a bad accident laste year. It had been 2 months when she wrote her last ff. I am her sister Riya and she wants me to continue with it. She wants to apologise to u guys for not continuing wth this but u know, that was really a bad accident she got. But anyways I wll start the chapter with a small recap of the last one.

Raman doubts that the car ge saw at the restaurants is manoj’s. Later manoj beats up ashok who messes with shagun. Adi introduces meera to rishabh.

today’s epi:
raman: so are u not going to go home?
rishabh:i don’t know the way!
raman:chill man…I will call ruhi to bring u
rishabh(confused): ruhi?who?
adi:my sis…
rishabh falls of his chair. adi rushes to him
rmn:what happen!?
rishabh:dont send me with that saitan mama!
adi:dude…ruhi isn’t like that anyore
rishabh:but still she is crazy!
ruhi enters:who is crazy?
rishabh looks at her and gets mesmerised by her beauty

abhi:is shagun here?
ishu:no she went out. why?
abhi:i saw manoj and shagun together!
ishu:i know!
ishu:i know shagun well! I know how she will react when she sees someone…
ishu:she was damn happy yesterday. The she was talking on the phone all night. then raman said that he saw manoj’s car. so…I got it!
abhi:u shuld be n my place
abhi:u shuld be a police nstead of a doc!
they laugh
ishu:v have to bring them together
abhi:yes…ts becos of us they got separated
they think abt the plan

ruhi:i heard me being called crazy (looking at adi)
adicoughs and looks at raman
rmn:arrey beta!this is rishabh!remember?
ruh looks at rishabh who is still looking at her
rishabh stands up lends his hand out o shake
rishabh:hi!i am rishabh
rishabh:yeah! your father’s uncle’s daughter’s…
ruhi:u mean my cousin
ruhii:oh!i remember u!
rishabh:yes that me…
rishabh:the guy who used to speak in an alien language?
raman and adi laugh
ruhi:y did u call me crazy?
adi:ruhi u take himhome! He is going to stay with us from now on! u know his parents passes away last month…
ruhi:im sorry to hear that
rishabh:its ok
ruhi and rishabh leave from there. adi and raman look at them and at each other later
adi:r u thinking what I am thnking?
raman nods ‘yes’
adi:give me a 5 papa!
raman:i need to talk to ishu abt it!

shagu comes to ishu
shagun gets shocked
ishu smiles:i kow shagun
ishu:u call me a sister. how can a sister cannot know it?
shagun hugs ishita:ishu…ishu…
ishu:no worries!i will talk to raman
shagun:and 1 more thing
shagun tells her how ashok threatened her and manoj came to her rescue
ishu:v have to tell raman and abhishek
shagun nods
ishu:lets forget it now! lets go tell mummyj abt manoj
they leave

scene5:raman’s office is closed but someone jumps in
the person got to the security system and meddles with the wires causing the cctv and electricity to stop working. The preson goes to raman’s room and take the pen drive and a few documents and flee from there. later ashok gets a call
ashok:what!?r u serious!?oh man cannot believe it!great job
the person’s shadow is shown holding the documents
ashok:ok! do 1 thing…erm…burn the documents and destroy the thumdrive. there shuldnt b any evidence of it getting destroyes…ok!
ashok smiles. the documents are shown getting burnt
ashok:my informer did a good job. I need to git him/her!

scene5:he bhallas,iyers and rishabh are having dinner
mrs bhalla:hmmm…guess what everyone?
romi:r u in tv?
mr bhalla:the tv will explode becos of her size
mrs bhalla:oi bhallaji! its serous
romi:yes…tv exploding is really really serious!
they all laugh
mrs bhalla:oi! somebody new is coming to our house
mihika:ishu akka! u didn’t tell me that!
mihika:that u r pregnant
raman coughs and ishu gets shocked
shravu:oh god! I cannot bear wth it anymore!
amma:aiyoo…kanna…en chella kutty!U going to make me a patti agn!Love u da kanna!
abhishek and romi congratulates raman who is lost
mrs bhalla:oooiiii…!!!!
every1 get silent
mrs bhalla:ishita is no pregnant!
ishu:yes guys…mummyji was talking abt manoj
3rs:who is manoj?
simmi:haha!u don’t know…that’s a bg story
she goes to shagun and tickles her and shagun runs to her room
everyone get to know abt manoj and shagun. they get happy

scene6:ishra room
ishu is confused with ashok and raman hugs her from behind.
raman kisses her to her shock
ishu:what was that for!?
raman:u know I was happy just now
ishu:its all mihika’s fault!
ramna:u know, I was thinking abt making her dream come truth
raman:what? that’s true…
rama comes to kiss her agn but he gets a call
ishita laughs
raman:arrey yaar…!!!
he receives the call and get shocked

precap:raman argues with adi in his room and rohan listens to it. he runs to his room to wake up rishi and rohit. rishabh gets a courier and smile reading something written in it, ‘for someone who helped me!’

——Any guesses who the informer is?

Credit to: Riya

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